How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take

Many people who need to know how long does carpet cleaning take,  maybe they are planning to buy a rug, hire a professional carpet cleaner, or they want to clean for their own using a home steam carpet cleaners. Sometimes, this question may lack answers because cleaning experiences differ from one person to another. Besides, many factors can determine the time you may take to clean a carpet.

Cleaning your carpet is very important because you will not only maintain its state but also pampering your house. It would help if you tried to clean your mat after six months or thorough cleaning for 12 months. Therefore, if you clean your carpet yearly, then be ready to spend more time cleaning it. This article will try to answer how many hours or minutes you can take to clean a carpet.

Before we get into the time taken to clean a carpet, we should first know some of the factors to consider in determining the time we can use to clean a rug. These factors include;

1. Dirtiness or condition of the carpet

Usually, all carpets don’t share a state of dirtiness; some might be at least others worse. You may employ a method for cleaning, but you still spend a lot of time. This is because the dirtier the rug, the longer the time you will use. More so, if you skip cleaning your carpet today, prepare to take a long time the next time you will clean it.

You cannot escape cleaning your rug unless you throw it in the dust bin. At least wash your carpet once or twice after 18 months.

2. Method

Under this factor, using different methods will lead to additional time for cleaning a carpet. Their cleaning processes are not the same. Besides, deep cleaning will always take a longer time than shallow cleaning. Remember, deep cleaning is the most advisable cleaning.

Commercial cleaners come with other accessories that fasten the cleaning process. Therefore, they will use little time because you will not stick on one are for an extended period.

3. Furniture

You may also determine the time you can use to clean your carpet through the number of furniture available in the house. If you own a lot of furniture, you will spend much of your time removing them to create cleaning space and vice versa. Therefore, you have to calculate moving time plus cleaning time.

4. Size of the carpet

Size is another factor that you may consider because carpets may differ in size, i.e., small, standard, and larger sizes—the smaller the rug, the faster the cleaning process and vice versa.

Therefore, if you have a big carpet, you will spend a lot of time on it. Also, sometimes you may have mats in almost every room. This will extend the cleaning period.

To fasten the carpet cleaning process, get the best rug shampoo with advisable features for carpet cleaning.

Up to now, you can see there is no fixed time for the carpet cleaning process. However, if you employ appropriate tools, cleaning duration will probably decrease and better results.

5. Carpet cleaning process

If you want to estimate the time you can use to clean a rug, you will have to break the cleaning process into various steps you should follow to achieve better results.

First, you will have to vacuum the carpet to remove dirt and debris before cleaning. Vacuuming will also remove other substances such as crumbs. Make sure that you remove all dirt before applying shampoo on your carpet. Remove chairs and other items from the carpet to give you enough cleaning space.

After the above vacuuming process, can you estimate the time? When everything is in place, you should not go beyond 10 minutes.

The next step will be working on stains to leave your carpet spotless. You will have to use a cotton towel or a carpet brush for removing stains. To determine the time you will use to clean spots from the carpet depends on the number of colors you have to work on, their stubbiness, and how long you concentrate spraying on one point.

When using a carpet cleaner, both professional and steam carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaning may involve two different methods that you can also use to clean a carpet, i.e., water extraction/steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Before the cleaning process, you will have to call for a professional cleaner to inspect the condition or status and material of your carpet.

All these cleaning methods (dry and steam carpet cleaning) requires almost the same duration. Steam cleaning will need drying time that may go up to 6 hours.

When using a carpet steam cleaner, you will also determine the time depending on how familiar you are with the machine you intend to use. Let us assume that you are using the method for the first time.

Under normal circumstances, you may spend about 60 minutes to clean a carpet. This involves vacuuming before using the machine. Vacuuming is inevitable, but if you have many hands around you, seek assistance, and you will use less than 40 minutes to clean your carpet.

On the other hand, professional cleaners will take little time because they come with many accessories that ease the cleaning process. Also, they have more experience compared to DIY cleaners. The quality of their work is also incredible because sometimes, DIY cleaners may not handle stubborn stains, but professionals are capable because they use quality accessories and knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will my carpet cleaning process take?

The time you spend on cleaning a carpet is not exact, but you can use different factors to determine. The process should not exceed 60 minutes. This is just estimation, though there are factors such as the method, dirtiness, size of the carpet, etc. that you can use to cage your carpet cleaning speed. The say and condition of the rug is an essential aspect that you need to consider.

  • How long will my carpet dry after cleaning?

After cleaning, the carpet may roughly take up to six hours, depending on its material. Wooly carpets will take more time to dry those regular carpets. But advise, why don’t you give your rug 24 hours? Give it enough time to dry before using it.

  • Can I step on the carpet after cleaning?

Of course, yes, but when it is dry. Why did you clean it if you don’t allow it to dry? Please don’t hurry; stepping on your carpet will develop new stains or spots. For emergency cases, you can put on white socks and walk on it.

  • Is there any benefit to the regular cleaning of a carpet?

Yes, unless you are in love with dirt. It would help if you cleaned your rug to extend its lifespan and pamper your house well. It is also healthful to clean carpets to avoid coughs that may arise from dust accumulation.


From the above article, you can agree with me that determining the duration of carpet cleaning is not an easy task. However, there are no exact criteria for determining the time, but we can approximate it. I have tried to put it clear about factors that we can employ to help us know how long we can take to clean a carpet.

The most important thing is the status or condition of your carpet; maintaining its quality is very crucial. Besides, frequent cleaning of your carpet may reduce the period you will spend cleaning it. Remember, it is advisable to wash your rug after 6, 12, or 18 months for its longevity.

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