Myths and Facts About Hot Numbers in Roulette

Gambling depends on personal strategy chosen by any given gabler, new or experienced. No two professional gamblers will be playing by the same rules and that is because of hot numbers. Many times, there are myths circulating about the frequency with which a result occurs. For instance, if a number is not statistically predicted to occur, gamblers often end up believing that it will be likely to come up and hence pay their wages accordingly.

Similarly, they believe that if a number has been coming up very frequently in recent times, it will not do so in the future. Both of these are common fallacies which many of my people lose on making a significant amount of money. There are some hard facts and common myths related to hot numbers in roulette which we will eb exploring in this article.

What are Hot Numbers?


Before we jump into common myths and facts about roulette, it is important to know what we are talking about. Hot numbers are the figures that have seen the ball ending up on them in the past few chances. This encourages the gamblers to see a pattern in a game purely based on chance. Hot numbers can be different based on the casino outlet because the frequency will be different from casino to casino.

In reality, there is no such thing as hot numbers because statistics say that the likelihood of a ball falling on any number is equal. In contrast, cold numbers are the ones where the ball will rarely land. These assumptions allow players to make decisions based on where the dice has landed.

The betting strategies based on these figures are used extensively in casinos all across the globe You can try them too on both offline and online platforms. If you want to play online, you can check out the services of to get an idea of how hot and cold numbers work.

The Number 17

A big myth is related to 17 only because of its position. There is no statistical relation of frequency with which the ball will end there and the placement but people seem to believe that it might be the one bringing them a big jackpot. There are different roulette layouts available in online and offline casinos. The French and American variants are the most popular and the number 17 is positioned in the middle of the row which makes it very popular.

Additionally, when a beginner steps into a casino and sees bets being placed on 17, they automatically assume that the results would favour this particular number. Mike Ashley and Sean Connery have both bet significantly on 17  and have ended up winning a lot. Because It is quite an event related to gambling, people often mistake 17 for being exceptionally lucky when it is not.

Lucky 7 and 11


Th western culture sees 7 and 11 as both lucky numbers.They are often considered lucky for making wishes and for giving good virtue.Gambling is an activity where good fortune is required more than anywhere. It is surprising that a lot of wagers are placed in these two figures even if there is no statistical backing that the ball will land on them.

For the uninitiated, placing some extra chips on this seemingly lucky bet is considered fair play. This is not only the case of roulette but also for lotteries and generally in life. But choosing these numbers will lead to a jackpot is a myth which is not supported by hard and cold facts.

The Luckiness of 8

Much like western culture sees prosperity in 7 and 11, Chinese culture sees good fortune in 8. It is the culture of many Asian players which leads them to believe that the cultural significance of these figures will somehow increase the chances of winning in a game purely based on chance. There are still unbelievable amounts of bets placed on 8 even if there is no connection between winning big and the cultural prosperity associated with it.

The Unlucky 13

In all cultures across the globe, 13 is considered to be unlucky. Many buildings do not even have a 13th floor for the same reason. Very few players will make the bold decision to bet on 13 during their chance. This is a big myth which can lead to gamblers losing a significant amount of money because all figures are equally likely to take you to victory.

What is the Gambler’s Fallacy?


It is natira that betting strategies currently circulating around the internet have some basis. This basis is a concept which is called the Gambler’s fallacy. According to this concept, there are two main rules to be considered before placing any wager in roulette:

  • If an independent event has not occured in a long period then it may most likely happen in the near future. It is because the occurrence of that event becomes long overdue.
  • If an event has been happening frequently, then it becomes too common. The overheated frequency makes the event less likely to happen immediately.

There is no statistical backing to these claims however this has not stopped gambling enthusiasts from taking them seriously. They have led to making many strategies based on these two aspects of the Gambler’s fallacy.

Roulette is a game of chance and there is statistically no predicting which number the dice will land on. It is not possible to predict down to a precise figure just because two rules dictate the probability of an event based on no proof whatsoever.

The Takeaway

There are many myths and facts related to hot numbers in Roulette. But one needs to understand that the very concept is at fault and is not supported with any statistical backing. It is important to look at the game as a means to win money. Looking at the cultural significance or understanding the Gambler’s fallacy  is not a good strategy.