5 Proven Horse Betting Strategies & Systems To Try In 2023

Betting on various sports events represents one of the most popular gambling models. The reason for that is that certain factors can affect the results. Also, you can improve your chance to win by focusing on proper analysis of the following events.

When it comes to the selection of the events, it is related to your preferences and which sports you prefer more. Every sport has its own benefits and downsides in betting. One of the oldest sports that are popular among gamblers is horse racing.

There are all kinds of systems that you can choose when you want to bet on these races. If you want something different rather than the most common fixed format, you should learn more about totes betting. You can read more about that if you visit https://australiansportsbetting.net/best-totes/.

Moreover, it is very important to learn more about different methods that you can choose, along with the odds, systems, and many other factors that can impact the potential profit. You have to know that this model of betting is not the same as some other popular options. Here are some proven strategies that will help you win more often.

1. Simply Research and Look for Favorites

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This is one of the easiest options, and the great thing is that beginners can use it without issues. The key is to find more details by learning more about previous races, their achievements, potential injuries, performance on different tracks, and more.

For example, if there is an option with the most wins in the following season, and it keeps a great form by continuing to either win or take the top places in every race, it is quite simple to determine that he will have an excellent chance to win in the next game as well.

However, favorites often have lower odds provided by bookies. Therefore, you cannot expect to win a lot of money. Still, you can invest more to make the profit more significant. Also, you can include various systems like combining potential winners and different events.

2. Flexible Model

It is also known as the Dutch system, and the point is to choose more than one potential outcome. Therefore, you can have to pick several options for the following race. The advantage is that you will significantly increase your chance to win.

On the other hand, keep in mind that you won’t get big odds. In that matter, make sure to research the options in the right way and choose those with the best odds to win. You can combine all kinds of options, like who will end in the first three or five, followers to the winner, and more.

There is another interesting model that you can implement as well, which is picking only one jockey but adding multiple bets on it. It is called the 80/20 system, and the key is to determine the amount of money you want to spend, and then split that amount in a way where you will place 20% on it to win the race, and the remaining 80% for some other place.

You can defend the first wager by choosing that one won’t end in the first place, or strengthen it by adding 80% of your money on an odd where the same one will end in the first three or five. This is very interesting for people who want to choose underdogs.

If you think that some option has decent chances to win in the next race, even though he is marked as an underdog, placing 20% of your money will still provide you with a great win. The remaining 80% will secure you a profit even if your choice doesn’t win.

3. Laying

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For many people, choosing an option that won’t win the race is much easier. In this system, the point is to select a couple of racers and bet against them in the following race. There are different options available, like placing a bet where it won’t win, or where it won’t reach a certain place, like the top three.

The rules are quite simple, you will have to choose two options, and then place a wager where they won’t finish in the first two positions. The key is to choose the weakest ones with the lowest probability of winning.

4. Yankee

This one is not for beginners and people without proper experience. You have to learn more about the championships and analyze every choice before the race. The main feature of this system is that you will have to choose four options and select their potential ranking in multiple races.

Those four options must either win or end at a higher rank in all of the races you add. The great thing is that you can win a lot of money even with lower investments. However, it can be difficult to select the right one.

5. Learn How To Choose The Champion

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No matter what system you are using and how much money you can win, the crucial part is to learn how to determine the one with the best chances. There are always surprises possible, and you will be able to notice a potential one if you focus on the most important factors like the form, previous ranks, form of the jockey, age, number of races in the previous period, the importance of the race, and more.

For example, even though the option you are planning to choose has an excellent score in the season, there could be a situation where it was on too many races in a short time, which could cause a lack of good results in the next period. On the other side, maybe there is a young and strong option with great potential, and if you manage to pick him at the right moment, you will win a lot of money.

Last Words

The key to successful betting is to choose the right system and determine how much money you can spend. Be sure to never make rush decisions that could lead to financial issues. Also, always focus on proper research before you choose a bet.