Hardwood Floor Installation Costs

Most people prefer hardwood floors due to their clean and natural look. They provide living spaces an excellent look. However, every project is done on a budget. Before you embark on any project, you will take your time to list everything you need to complete it.

After that, you will take an estimated cost of the requirements to get a rough idea of how much you will spend on this project. But then, you shouldn’t set aside the exact estimate amount for the project you start; you need to add extra coins to cover for other miscellaneous that might happen during the day of the project.

You shall learn how much you need to set aside for hardwood flooring installation projects and some money-saving tips when carrying out hardwood installations in our discussion today.

The facts about hardwood floor installation cost

Hardwood Floor Installation Costs

Most homeowners find themselves on the verge of lacking ideas about hardwood flooring installation costs at large. The costs vary from state to state, depending on several reasons.

You will incur no exact amount in these projects; you sometimes end up paying even more than what you expected. If you need to rework on your floor, ensure you don’t obsess over the flooring type you decide to install.

There are a few main elements you should have in mind when choosing a flooring option to install in your house. Durability and the attractive nature of the flooring is one of the key elements here.

Other things like style and quality should also get into the list. You should have something you won’t regret after completing your project. Below are a few facts about hardwood floor installation costs you should learn to enlighten you, especially when purchasing materials required for your project.

Many stores do not list price tags of equipment and materials.

In the market, you will get similar hardwood flooring equipment and material tagged differently in different stores. Most of them claim it’s due to price changes that happen now and then. This way, you might end up paying more on a commodity that has a low price tag in a different store.

Most stores don’t list actual prices of equipment and materials.

Most hardwood flooring equipment and material selling store have gotten ways to hike prices at large. You will have a professional estimate, but suddenly it becomes useless since all quotes are out of the estimated costs. This way, you end up spending large sums of money on things that cost cheaper elsewhere.

Different floors cost differently

Of course, this is true; however, the range shouldn’t be too wide as such. Different service providers charge differently. Few offer services depending on their experience in the field, and others follow an average set national charge. You need to have a list of service providers and choose those who offer quality service at an affordable rate.

What is the cost of hardwood floor installations?

dwood floor installations

Hardwood floors are not only elegant but also durable at large. While they are excellent units worthy of installing in your home, they happen to be expensive as such. Before you can think about installing the units in your home, you should remain conscious about how much you will spend on the entire project. Below is a guide to evaluating an estimate of the amount you require to complete the project successfully.

The cost of materials

Gathering all the necessities of a particular project is what you start with. You need to list down all the materials you require and indicate a rough price tag on how they cost in the market. If you lack ideas about making the estimates, seek a professional help to evaluate everything and give you a rough estimate.

Determining the estimated costs starts by finding the size of the space you plan to work on. You will multiply the length and width to find the area of that particular room. Once you reach an estimated amount, add an extra 10% of the materials to cover any waste or damaged materials.

Let’s take an example, if the total area has been calculated as 500 square feet, ensure you purchase materials that cover up 550 square feet room. Averagely, the price of a foot hardwood goes for between $3.50 and $10.0. What does this mean?

If you work on a 500 square feet room, you will need an averagely $1,925 to $5,500 to complete the project. However, if you plan to get an exotic hardwood species, expect to spend more than this to cover the entire room.

The installation costs

If you lack an idea about this project, you are advised to hire a professional to do it on your behalf. Professional hardwood floor installers have all the requirements to give you excellent results.

Averagely, if you plan a project of 500 square feet room, you will be charged between $1,110 and $5,850 installation fee. This is inclusive of the costs you will incur to buy materials and other hidden costs at large.

Summary of the hardwood floor installation cost

The typical range of installing hardwood floor lies between $2,000 and $6,000. The national average cost of this project is about $3,000. These costs will get lower or higher depending on the materials you choose, the style, and your house’s size. Plan well, and avoid spending on what you had not planned for.

Ways to save money on hardwood floor installation

Most people think that gathering necessary materials and supplies for hardwood floor installations are the only elements that determine whether a project will complete well or not.

However, this is not true. The budget is also a crucial element you should mind when considering taking up this project. You should ensure you get excellent out of your limited budget at large. Let’s learn a few ways to save on hardwood flooring.

Work strictly with your budget

Before you start anything, you need to have a hint of how much you will spend on this project. From this, you will also state how much you wish to spend on that project. This way, you will avoid spending on things that were not included in the budget. The budget you pen down should be a guide to prevent you from spending more than what you had planned.

If you lack an idea about the various wooden flooring available, you should consult an expert to advise you about it. You can also go online and learn a little about the type of hardwood floor materials and the available options. Once you have an idea about them, you will choose the one that fits your budget.

In the market, you will come across both the unfinished and the prefinished flooring options. All these options have different price tags depending on the level of quality and value they add after installing them.

If you find it hard settling at a low priced option, you will get online and compare prices on several websites to reach a comparative rate. This way, you will get an affordable option to provide you both elegance and quality finish.

Look quotes from different hardwood flooring service providers.

Getting quotes from experts in this field is always a good idea before you start anything. Have a list of about four contractors and try to compare them. You will compare the level of experience they have, their equipment, and the price they charge their services.

In the market, you will also find other service providers providing services at discounted rates. Every contractor will impress you with what they offer customers and their bids to convince you to take their offer. This way, you will settle at a service provider who provides quality services at an affordable rate.

Consider a small scale hardwood flooring installation firm.

The size of the company you hire for this project plays a significant role in what you will pay for the entire project. The expenses of larger firms on these projects are higher compared to lower firms.

Homeowners are advised to settle with small scale firms since they provide low quotes compared to larger firms. Most of these small scale firms also offer quality service to attract more customers, and for the sake of the reputation, they are developing.

Choose an affordable hardwood option.

In the market, you will find different woods from different types of trees. All the options have different price tags depending on their value at large. Don’t run for expensive options and get a cheap and durable type that serves the same purpose. You can save a lot of money to use in other vital projects.

Advantages of hardwood flooring

Most people worldwide have turned to this type of flooring due to the many benefits it offers. They offer everything, durability, elegance, and many benefits at large. Let’s discuss a few of them;

Easy to maintain

If you try walking around, you can find most homes that have stood still for many decades with hardwood floor shining. The formula to maintain them to serve you for an extended period is simple. You need to vacuum them regularly to prevent any dirt and debris from staying on their surfaces at large.

They add value to your property.

A home’s value is the most significant element for every homeowner, especially for those who plan to sell their property in the future. In the market, you will find most homebuyers valuing hardwood flooring homes than others at large.

Such homes have a high demand than those with different flooring types at large. Hardwood flooring is a reflection of what every person needs when deciding to purchase a house. It is, therefore, a worth investment most homeowners should spend their hard-earned money on.

Hardwood floors come in different styles

There exist different hardwood flooring styles people can choose to fit their lifestyle. Hardwood styles are of two ways, the modern and traditional formats.

All these styles come in various shades and textures for homeowners to choose what fits them. They are sanded differently depending on the taste and preference of the owner. However, o get the best out of your hardwood flooring, you need to learn the hardwood floors’ cleaning process.

They are easy to clean

Cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining your hardwood floors to serve you for an extended period. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain.

You can sweep or mop over the floor, and everything remains clean. Sweeping over the surface removes dust and debris on the floor while mopping removes dirt from the boards.

They are durable

Durability is an important thing you need to have in mind when planning to install certain flooring at large. Hardwood floors last for an extended period compared to other types. If you maintain them well, they can serve you for even four decades at large. There are other occasions reported on these floors lasting for over a century. Their long-lasting nature has been placed as the preferable flooring systems for most homeowners worldwide.

Can be customized into different color tones

Today, homeowners are busy looking for ways to customize their floors to fit the lifestyle and tone. Hardwood floors offer an excellent opportunity to customize than any other type of flooring options at large. Today, there are several grades and species of woods you can choose from.

You can stain your wood if you need to customize it to fit your desires. Since these floors are made from natural products, they always come in different unique patterns at large. Choose only the style and color you need for your house.


In our discussions today, we have learned more about the benefits of hardwood floors and the costs of installing them. The budget you have should act as your guide throughout the project to avoid spending on things you had not planned for.

With a budget of between $1,000 and $11,000, you will have a hardwood floor installed in your home to give it an attractive look. However, you need to maintain the floor to serve you for an extended period.


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