How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Equine Business?

Being an owner of any business requires strategic thinking, and acting. This applies to your equine business, too. You want it to become recognizable, and the best way is to invest in creating a good strategy. But you may not be sure how… It’s ok to be confused in the start, but you should always keep in mind the option of hiring professional equine marketing agency, like EQuerryco to help you design it the right way.

In order to create one, you need to know which steps to take. So, we’ll walk you through the process…

The first step is to set goals.

The simplest and at the same time the most thorough approach is to set up the so-called SMART goals, according to which each goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and limited in time. These goals help us lay a good foundation for your equine marketing strategy, because they show you the direction you need to take, as well as whether you have made a mistake. Therefore, marketing goals should be in line with business goals. For example, if a company’s goal is to increase market sales, it must determine the percentage of market share, the period for which it plans to achieve the goal, how it plans to achieve it, and whether that goal is consistent with the company’s goals.

Next is the target audience

Former targeting by number of years, lifestyle and geographical determinants is no longer enough. This method created a massive gathering of potential customers. Today, a different approach is applied, the notion of target personification, where the emphasis is on more personal information about the potential client: what does he do, what are his interests, hobbies, whether he prefers horse racing or horse photography, how often he uses the Internet to purchase things… This way a vision is created about who we are addressing and about the preferences of that person, and based on that, the way in which your company will approach the person is defined.

Communication channels


Again, the most appropriate way to address your potential clients is determined based on their interests and preferences. The goal is to use the available funds in the most efficient way possible, and thus minimize the costs of advertising and promotion. Very often, clients can be reached at a minimum cost, or even completely free of charge, through social networks. For example, research can lead to the conclusion that most of your potential customers are on Facebook or Instagram, so it makes the most sense to invest your energy and money in these social networks. Of course, many do not use social networks in the right way, so it is a good idea to educate yourself in that direction, enroll in digital marketing or find some of the other sources to use the full potential of social networks. Basically, the point is to choose the right social network and place your ad where there is the greatest potential to create the most customers.

The best way for people to connect and identify with your brand is to market your story to them. It often happens that they themselves promote your brand through today’s very popular “sharing” on social networks if they are satisfied with your product, and that is both the cheapest and the best advertisement for you.

Also, people leave a lot of their data on social networks, which you can get with very little money, e.g. with the help of Facebook ads manager, this information can also be of great help to you to reach your target audience and not to distract the focus on those who are not interested in your product and who do not represent your target group. “

Email marketing

Another marketing strategy that with a minimum of investment can bring your target group closer to the users of your brand. You need to first build an adequate email list of potential users, and then choose an enticing topic that will intrigue them to open the email. The text of the email must be short and clear, easy to understand, where you will focus on the benefits that your product or service offers.

What you will learn when you start thinking about building your own, is that there are tons of marketing strategies that can bring your equine business to the next level. However, there is one we would like to mention as probably the most suitable for your type of business. It’s a B2B strategy.

Business-to-business marketing strategy may include multiple different methods, but it still has its specifics. That is why we would like to single out the following tactics here.

  • PR marketing – which aims to create publicity in the media. These can be guest appearances on TV, newspaper articles, presentations on websites, podcasts, and the like.
  • Affiliate programs – a strategy in which you give someone a percentage of earnings because they have recommended you and led you to sell based on a referral. In this way, you encourage the spread of a good reputation for your equine business.
  • Organization of events in your industry – in this way you network with similar businesses, and you stand out as an authority in your field. This includes organizing various fairs, gatherings, or other events suitable for businesses dealing with horses….

Final word

These are just some basic types of marketing strategies and there are no clear rules on who should use which of these options and when. Marketing is a fairly flexible term that is easy to adapt, expand and even innovate. The point is to get to know your customers, set your goals, be creative and test what works best for your equine business, at this point in time.

It is also advisable to review your strategy (goals and everything else included) from time to time, as your business grows, and the market tends to change. That’s why we mentioned marketing is a flexible term.