Cricket Betting Tips 2022 – How to Make More Successful Bets

Being a sports fan and following the games, teams, and players seems to be all the same across the globe. The passion the fans show and the drive they have to always come back again and again to support their side is universal. The only thing that is different is the actual sport that the people watch and obsess over. Of course, different parts of the world and different countries have certain sports that they treasure much more than others. It is either their national sport and a huge part of their history and tradition, or a sport they have been historically good at. Oftentimes, it is actually a mixture of both. It takes a lot to actually have a legitimate national sport that the whole world knows you for.

Nations and Sports


For example, everyone knows that Brazil is all about football (soccer). Similarly, it is a well-known fact that Jamaican sprinters are the best on the planet. The USA is crazy about American football and their National Football League (NFL). Similar to it but with different rules and no protective gear, rugby is huge in Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. These can be described as national sports. However, there is one more sport that is shared among multiple different countries, cultures, and regions as the most popular national sport, and that is cricket.

A Worldwide Affair

Between India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal where it is the number one sport, countries where it is a close second in popularity like Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, England, and South Africa, many other countries that are poor, small, or unorganized enough for national success, and countries that view it as the third-most-popular sport like Fiji, Ireland, and Scotland, cricket is truly a world sport. In such a position, cricket is also an amazing chance for sports betting fans to participate in a slightly different sport from the ones they are probably more familiar with. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of cricket, the domestic leagues and cups as well as national competitions, it is actually one of the most interesting betting sports out there, albeit an overlooked one.

If you are a fan of gambling on sports and want to try something new, cricket is the answer. Alternatively, if you already love the game and need more of it in your life other than watching the games and following the news, why not start betting on it? No matter how well you know the sport you can have a lot of fun with bets. In this article, we talk about how to make more successful bets on the game of cricket. Read for the best strategies you should make use of. When you are finally ready to start making money and use what you have learned here, you will need the right place to do so. Therefore, why not pick a quality online casino like dafabet online at

Check the Rankings and Ratings


For every single type of cricket and the game that is scheduled to be played, you have to make sure to check the ranking charts and player or team statistics. These rankings and ratings as well as any other info you come across will be of great help as they allow the bettors to make better educated bets.

All teams are rated based on the total points and games they have played so far. This is enough for a fairly accurate and reasonable rating system to be made, one that the bettors can then evaluate and make use of when making their bets. Look at the ratings and ranking next time around and it should give you a clear indication of which teams make more sense to bet on and which you should bet against.

Of course, rankings and ratings are not 100% reliable, not even close. They are simply a collection of data and numbers that have preceded this game that you are thinking of betting on. There are many other factors that can influence the outcome and the board with the latest results is just a part of it all. While it can be of great help, it is still only one side to the entire story. There can be a lot of time before certain teams play against each other, especially at full strength.

This is particularly the case with international games where teams from different countries or international teams play against each other. Acclimating to one another is not really possible nor is it a continuous process because certain teams only play one another every few years.

The Weather

Ah yes, the weather as a deciding factor in the world of sports betting. It is a real problem for sports that are typically or solely played outside. Weather conditions can greatly affect a cricket game, mostly in a bad way. This is not to say that every single team will struggle during wet or humid conditions, nor that every single player prefers sunny and dry weather. It all depends on team chemistry and how they come together to overcome something as unpredictable as weather conditions.

Before you ultimately decide what to put on your cricket betting ticket, make sure to check the host team’s forecast for the day and what kind of conditions are expected during the time of the game. Rainy games typically have less cricket being played. The rule of thumb says that dry and sunny conditions typically favor the batsmen, while the bowling side does better during overcast. But again, one can never be too sure.

The Coin Toss


Similar to football (both American and soccer), cricket involves a coin toss before the start of a game. The caption of the team who wins the coin toss chooses if their team bats or bowls first. This is your first chance of the day for a fun and exciting bet. It has always been one of the most popular bets too.

To make things even better, there is quite a favorable statistic involving the coin toss. The team that wins the coin toss at the test match actually ends up winning the entire game in almost 35% of cases. Make sure to involve the coin toss in your betting strategy evaluation.