Coin Value and Bet Level in Online Slots Explained

One of the fastest and easiest ways to enter the world of casino games is through slot machines. Their simple gameplay makes them the number one online gambling game as the rules are quite simple, you only need to press one button and you arenot far away from a huge win. Many think that these machines have some dubious software that can fool you very easily. This can only be the case if you visit some questionable websites, otherwise, it is not the case.

But what makes these games so attractive to people, and why do thousands of people daily decide to spend their free time on these games of chance. One of the reasons is the main profit, that is, the big jackpot, which is the dream of many players. Although the rules of this addictive game are quite simple, there are still a number of ambiguities among players who are fairly new.

One Saturday night you decide to try this game, and you explore the many online casinos. Finally, you find the website that you think suits your preferences, you choose one of the dozens of slot games offered by the site. As we mentioned before, the rules are quite simple and there is no big problem to understand the rules. To win money, after you press the spin button and the lever is pulled, you need to land one of the winning combinations in which the symbols are included. The symbols are also different in each game, but jewels and fruit themes predominate. But suddenly you notice that there are two more options that you don’t know what they mean. These two options are located at the bottom of the screen if you’re playing on your desktop or laptop. And if you are using the mobile phone for gaming, you can notice them on the top part of the mobile screen. On one side you have the coin value option, while on the other side is the bet value option. You must be wondering what these two settings are for. Even if you randomly set these two options, there’s no need to panic, because you won’t go wrong in any case. However, the curiosity in you slowly starts to grow because you do not know their meaning and their purpose. That’s why we’re here, to explain the purpose of these two settings and how they affect the way you play, as well as the money you can get if you try to change the numbers on the screen. If you are interested in learning much more about them, I recommend you to turn your full attention to further reading this article, because we are ready to reveal and explain to you what is hidden behind the coin and bet value. If we have your attention, let’s get straight to the case.

1. What is coin value?


As you can guess it is the value of the coin you use to play. The words themselves suggest to you what the term represents. How does this option work? Very simple and easy. Let’s say that when you select the game you want to play, you set the coin value to 1 cent. If you plan to play 30 pay lines your final bet would be 30 cents, so for each pay line is one cent. If on the selected online slot machine you set the coin value to 20 cents and the pay lines are 25, then the final bet would be 5 dollars or euros, depending on the currency you are playing in. You can adjust this option during gameplay, depending on how much you want the final wager to be. You can adjust your bet per spin to your liking. Now the other option is included in the equation, which is the bet value.

2. What is bet value?


Earlier we gave you a small hint about this, and now we will try to explore it a little more extensively. This option is not always present in online casinos, but only in some selected ones. Even if there is no such option, you can very easily estimate what your bet would be for just one spin. The bet value allows you, at times when you feel that luck is on your side, to double the bet for the next spin of the machine. After a series of missed spins, you have a feeling that the next one will be won, so you set the coin value to 1 cent, for 30 pay lines the bet would be 30 cents, but if you change the level of the bet value, setting it from 1 to 2 suddenly the value of the bet would double, that is, it would become 60 cents for 30 pay lines. This makes the game more interesting and exciting as you have control over what the bet would be and how many coins you could bet to win the game. The higher the level of coin and bet values, the bigger the winnings you would get on the spin machine.

What is the purpose of having these two options?


For those more experienced players, these two methods of play ie setting the coin values and the bet give the players a certain amount of flexibility. It allows them to change the levels of the number of coins they want to play with, or by doubling up to allow themselves as much profit as possible. If you belong to the group of players who maneuver these options without any fear and want to personalize the wager, then we recommend that you head over to immediately. On this website, you will find some of the best online slot games where you could win valuable winnings by changing the bet and coin value buttons.

We hope that this article will help you a lot to increase the intensity of the game and make it a little more exciting. This may sound confusing to you, but once you try changing your bet chips and coin value, you will never go back to your old way of playing. In the end, all that remains is to wish you the best of luck in your future slot machine games, in the hope that you will succeed in winning the jackpot.