Best Cast Iron Boiler Reviews of 2023

Are you looking for the best cast-iron broilers that will serve you efficiently? The circulator pumps are designed for domestic, residential, and commercial applications. They feature powerful motors that operate quietly. The pumps are easy and straightforward to install; hence you will enjoy the fantastic options.

Plus, the hydronic pumps are constructed from durable materials ensuring longer life and stability.

Top Picks : Best Cast Iron Boiler

The 5 Best-Cast Iron Boilers

1) Taco 007-F5 Cast Iron Circulator

Taco 007-F5 Cast Iron Circulator, 1/25 HP
  • Flange Orientation Type: Standard
  • Voltage Rating: 115 V; Amperage Rating: 0.74
  • Hz Rating: 60; Ph: 1
  • RPM: 3250; HP: 1/25
  • Cast iron, flanged

The Taco Circulator Pump has cast iron or stainless steel construction with flanged connections for potable water systems. The Taco pump is designed for quiet and efficient operation. The Taco 007-F5 pump features a self-lubricating, no mechanical seal and low maintenance design, making it ideal for various applications. It is perfect for hydronic heating, domestic, and chilled water systems.

The cast iron circulator pump comes with a unique replaceable cartridge with all the moving parts allowing the circulator to be serviced instead of replacing the unit. Thanks to its low power consumption design which makes it ideal for high-efficiency jobs. Finally, the Hydronic pump comes with a 1-year warranty.

2) BELL & GOSSETT 103251 Circulator Pump

BELL & GOSSETT 103251 Bell & Gossett Nrf-22 Cast Iron Wet Rotor Circulator Pump
  • Single Phase Circulating Pump
  • B&G 1/25HP CI 3 SPEED PUMP 115V
  • Replacement Part

The wet rotor circulator pump is designed for quiet operation in the hydronic heating system. The Bell & Gossett 103251 pump is used for water circulating applications in solar and hydronic systems. The pump features a unique DuraGlide bearing system guarantee trouble-free start-ups while the closed impeller design enhances operating efficiency.

The DuraGlide bearing system combines some parts working together to eliminate accidental freeze-up. The circulator pump has a self-cleaning particle shield that protects the bearings and shaft from the system start-up debris. Interestingly, the stainless steel stator isolates the system from the  fluid and ensures proper bearing alignment for longer life. Finally, the faceplate and rotor sleeve features rust-resistant construction to assure long life.

3) Taco 329-T3 Cast Iron Broiler

Taco 329-T3 Cast Iron 1/2-Inch FPT x 1/2-Inch FPT Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Adjustable from 10 - 25 PSI
  • Built-in Check-Prevents emptying system in incoming pressure fails
  • Fast Fill Rates
  • Exclusive Lockable Fast-Fill Lever

Taco 329-T3 Cast Iron Broiler has feed valves with 1/2″ threaded inlets, which automatically feed water to a system when the pressure in it drops below the pressure settings.  The broiler features a built-in check to prevent emptying the system when incoming pressure fails.

Interestingly, it has dual control models that combine the boiler feed with an in-line pressure relief valve. Plus, the pressure setting adjustment is separated from the fast-fill lever for easy and quick adjustments. The Taco broiler is explicitly designed for residential hydronic heating systems.

It is available in stainless steel and cast iron construction with flanged connections for potable water systems.

4) Grundfos UPS15-58FC Cast Iron Circulation Pump

Grundfos UPS15-58FC Cast Iron Circulation Pump with 35.6 Degree Low Temperature
  • Grundfos Product UPS15-58FC; Cast iron pump housing.
  • Ceramic shaft and radial bearings.
  • Carbon axial bearing.
  • Stainless steel rotor can and bearing plate.
  • Corrosion-resistant impeller, Composite, PES

Grundfos UPS15-58FC Cast Iron Circulation Pump is constructed with cast iron making it corrosion resistant.  The cast iron pump comes with cast iron housing, a 3-speed motor, and a built-in removable check valve. The circulator pump is ideal for hydronic heating, radiant heating, fan coil heating, solar, and other sensitive installation.

The 3-speed motor technology lowers power consumption and noise while the wet rotor design ensures the pump is silent while operating.  Thanks to the built-in motor protection, which guarantees long life and better performance.

The pump can be powered by different renewable energy systems like hydro and solar but it mostly runs on electricity. The broiler is easy to install and has a detachable valve. Grundfos circulation pump works at a voltage of 115 volts. Finally, the pump reaches a maximum pressure of 145 PSI.

5) Armstrong Astro 230Ci

Armstrong Pumps 110223-305 Armstrong Astro 230Ci 1/25 Hp Circulator Pump
  • ASTRO 230CI is a hydronic circulator that conserves energy and eliminates maintenance
  • Efficient/Quiet Operation Universal Flange to Flange; 3-speed Design
  • Intended for circulating water in closed hydronic/solar heating systems
  • It is designed with no mechanical seals/couplers to replace, and no lubrication is required
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 110223-305

Armstrong Astro 230Ci broiler is a hydronic circulator that conserves energy and ensures low maintenance. The circulator is designed for closed-loop heating applications, including hydronic, radiant floor, and baseboards heat.

The Astro 2 line, combined with cast iron, is intended to circulate ethylene-glycol solution and water in closed systems.  Thanks to the e-Coating on the inside that provides corrosion protection for less debris and longer pump life. Plus, the 3-speed functionality provides more incredible performance over a wide range of head and flow requirements.

The pump is available in 3 volute material for small industrial, residential, and commercial applications. The Astro pump comes with a large wiring box and a convenient plug-in terminal strip. Lastly, it is easy to install the broiler.

Wrapping Up

When buying a cast iron boiler, you need to consider various factors to suit your needs and preferences. Choose a unit that will assure you a longer life. You can select a pump designed from cast iron or stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

Secondly, consider a circulator pump built to deliver the incredible speed and better performance. Find a boiler that has a powerful motor with less noise for continuous water flow. Also, look for a machine that operates at different speeds like 3-speed rate.

Finally, the boiler should be ideal to serve a wide range of applications such as residential, chilled water, commercial, solar, among other places. With all the above information, you can purchase what suits you best.



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Q: What is malleable cast iron used for?

A: Gray cast iron is used to make shrink-free cast pieces, like motor blocks. Malleable iron’s functions include being the metal in universal joints, compressor crankshafts, compressor hubs, flanges, connecting rods and components for heavy duty equipment such as marine equipment and railroad equipment.

Q: Does cast iron contain iron?

A: Enameled cast iron cookware does not contain lead. Even the lines of cookware that is made in China do not contain lead with the exception of some glazes that are used on crockpots. These glazes pass the FDA standards, however and any lead that leaches out is below the amount allowed by the FDA.

Q: What is in cast iron conditioner?

A: Camp Chef’s Cast Iron Conditioner is a natural formula that protects cast iron from rust while conditioning and seasoning your cast iron. This revolutionary conditioner uses plant products to season your cast iron and does not go rancid and allows for tastier meals.

Q: How do cast iron heating radiators work?

A: A cast-iron radiator works by pushing hot water or steam through the pipes or fins, heating the surrounding air. Because warmer air is less dense, it rises away from the radiator. The colder air in the room then moves into the radiator, and the process begins again.