20 Best 10 Tennis Ball Machines 2023 – Learn To Play Like A Pro [2023]

Learning tennis is not an easy task. One thing that helps to improve the tennis game is the tennis ball machine. It is one of the fastest and most effective methods. The player can learn at their pace.

Editor's Pick
Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)
Good Choice
LOBSTER Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine with Elite 10-Function Remote Control – Triple...
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Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine (The Best Model for Easy Use)
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Product Name
Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)
LOBSTER Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine with Elite 10-Function Remote Control – Triple...
Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine (The Best Model for Easy Use)
Lobster Sports – Elite Grand Five LE – Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine – Custom Drills –...
Editor's Pick
Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)
Product Name
Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine (Best Seller Ball Machine in the World)
Good Choice
LOBSTER Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine with Elite 10-Function Remote Control – Triple...
Product Name
LOBSTER Sports – Elite Two Tennis Ball Machine with Elite 10-Function Remote Control – Triple...
Don't Miss
Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine (The Best Model for Easy Use)
Product Name
Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine (The Best Model for Easy Use)
Also Consider
Lobster Sports – Elite Grand Five LE – Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine – Custom Drills –...
Product Name
Lobster Sports – Elite Grand Five LE – Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine – Custom Drills –...

They can play whenever they want, wherever they want, the intensity, and many more. But it is equally essential to get the perfect tennis ball machine according to your level. In this article, we have mentioned a few tennis ball machines available in the market.

Top Reviewed Picks of 2023

1. Spinshot – Best Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot - Best Tennis Ball Machine

This machine is deemed as the best ball seller machine on amazon. So, it is proof that it is a crowd favorite. The main important feature of this tennis ball machine is that it is one of the advanced machines that are portable.

It is available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. So, players at any level can use this machine. Either to learn the game or to enhance it. This machine gives you the same experience as on the actual court.

The oscillation with which the ball is thrown is perfect. So, it has all the features of the best tennis ball machine. It can carry 120 balls, and it throws the ball from 30-100 Kmph. The best part of the machine is that it is customizable, so you can adjust the speed, make the machine spin, and move from one side to another.

If you are at an intermediate or advanced level, you can also change the speed from two to ten seconds for a faster drill.

This machine works not only on the ground but also on mobile phones. It has a mobile application.

You can enter your daily progress and mention the areas you need to practice more. The players can create their drills according to their requirements. They can see which areas they need to work on more and make a routine accordingly.

This mobile application works as a natural coach. You can get two models of this machine, one is an AC, and the other is a battery one. In the battery version, you will get the charger and the batteries. It is light in weight, wrong only forty-two pounds. So it is easy to move it around the court and even take it outside.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Battery included
  • Have Mobile application

2. LOBSTER Sports – Best Multi control Machine

LOBSTER Sports – Best Multi control Machine

This is another one of the best tennis ball machines. Tennis can be played in singles or doubles. But if someone is looking for a way to improve their singles game, this machine will help. It is best for advanced and intermediate players.

This machine has everything and also has a triple oscillation option. So the ball can come at a vertical and horizontal oscillation, so the players get a chance to practice various types of shots. It helps to improve the foot movement as players move all around the ground.

You can customize the speed at which you want to feed the balls. The elevation and speed are also customizable. However, it might be a bit costly, but with that triple oscillation, it is worth every penny.

It also has some extra features absent in other tennis ball machines. This machine has a remote control and comes with a premium charger.

As it is very light in weight, it is highly portable, making it ideal.

It can reach the maximum ball feed speed of eighty miles per hour, but it can also get low to ten miles per hour.


  • Triple oscillation
  • It comes with a remote control
  • 4-8 hours battery life
  • Portable
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3. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Some players are only looking for a workout, and they don’t want to customize much; for them, the Spinshot Pro tennis ball machine is ideal. It can feed the balls at a fast speed and can throw the ball from one side to another.

So, it is an excellent way of a cardio workout. It also improves the shot quality. It is ideal for practice. If you only want to improve your shots, this is the machine. It is small and can run for hours; hence it has excellent battery life.

This makes this machine a perfect choice for junior players or even kids. It is a fantastic machine to improve the forehand and backhand. It has wheels attached to it so, if you move a lot, then this is it.

Although it doesn’t have that advanced feature, you can easily control it via your smartphone, which is a great deal, but it is not necessary.


  • Flexible power options
  • Fit for kids
  • Very mobile

4. Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five LE – Best Battery Powered Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five LE

This is another excellent tennis ball machine by Lobster. It is a battery-operated machine, and it consists of every feature required for tennis. It is preprogrammed, which means the drills are already programmed.

Lobster company is known for making the best tennis ball machines. You can also change the speed of the ball. However, it is a bit pricey as compared to other machines.  This motorcycle is suitable for novices and has terrain wheels for easy maneuverability.

The battery-powered gadget has been programmed to vary ball position, speed, spin, and feed rate depending on your skill level. You can choose between forehand and backhand strokes using narrow, medium, and general settings.

But The Grand Five LE builds on the famous Grand Five machine’s success. Look no further than the Lobster Elite Grand Five LE if you’re seeking the most excellent portable, battery-powered tennis ball machine.

It may be difficult for some people to make this purchase due to the high price, but it is one of the better solutions available right now from a reputable brand. It is built to last, and if properly cared for, it will provide years of service.


  • Random oscillation
  • Preprogrammed drill
  • Easy to move

5. Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

Wilson Portable Tennis Machine

This machine is underrated, but it has all the best features. It is perfect for beginners as well as advanced players too. It has one hundred and ten balls, and it can throw balls at a fantastic speed.

The best thing about this machine is its weight. It is very light, and that’s why it is portable. The battery life is fantastic, and you can play for around four hours continuously. And even after the battery is exhausted, it gets charged very quickly.

The oscillation of this product is solid. You get a fantastic spin rate that will help you improve the quality of your game.


  • Adjustable ball speed
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Three-year warranty

6. Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine

If you want to improve any of the areas in your tennis game, then this machine is apt for you. It has different ball speed and oscillations modes, so you can practice backhand, forehand, strokes, etc. this is not it; there is a mobile application also, so you can easily control your machine from your phone.

It is a mid-range machine, but the ball capacity is less than other machines. Although it is battery-powered, there is an AC option too. So, you can enjoy your game for hours without any interruption. But you will not find pre-programmed drills in this machine, however looking at other features, that should not be a problem.

You can customize the vertical and horizontal oscillation. But there is a limitation, and you cannot create your shots. However, the oscillation has five options, so you can play whatever suits you.

The battery can last up to three hours. For a high-speed shot and oscillation, the battery might drain a bit faster, but it is fast charging.

Compared to similar devices with similar functionality, the Spinshot Player is smaller and lighter. This, paired with the handy wheels and collapsible handle, makes it incredibly simple to travel, pick up, and store.

It will fit easily in your car’s trunk. It’s also made of metal and has a rigid body that can endure being struck by fast tennis balls, which is inevitable. The Spinshot Player is a top-of-the-line tennis ball machine with an impressive feature set and a rigid, portable design. If you have the funds and seek a high-quality tennis ball machine, this machine will not disappoint.


  • Portable
  • Mobile application is available
  • Environment friendly

Buyer’s Guide To Buying Best Tennis Ball Machines

Ball Machine Tennis Twist

Several tennis ball machines are available in the market. In fact, they all come in different features and specifications. Heir prices also range from high to very low too. But one crucial question is which one of them is best for you?

So, you have first to be sure what features you want. For that, we have made a buyer’s guide for you that will help you to decide the criteria for your tennis ball machine.


The budget is the most critical factor. As a result, always keep a budget in mind while shopping for a tennis ball machine. If you’re on a tight budget, a primary machine will suffice.

It won’t be as configurable as a custom machine, but it will get the job done. However, you must research to ensure that you are obtaining the best deal available.


After the budget, the next important factor is the skill level. There are three levels: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner players are just starting, so they focus more on improving the shot, so for them, a standard tennis ball machine with limited features would suffice.

Now, intermediate players are looking for ways to improve their game, so they want a more advanced feature. The advanced player already knows the game, so they use it to practice, so their tennis ball machine must be advanced too. Always get the machine according to your skill level only.

Speed and spin

The tennis machine can throw the ball at different speeds. If you are an advanced player, you will need a machine in which you can control the speed to the highest point. And beginners will start from the lowest speed.

So, always check the feeding speed of the tennis ball machine. Also, there is spin, which determines if the ball will spin or not. The spin increases the difficulty level.


Sometimes the tennis court is far from your home, so in that case, you have to take the machine with you. So, always make sure that the machine is portable and heavy.


Tennis ball machines come in two types of chagrin: battery-powered and AC-powered. In battery-powered, you will need batteries, and an AC power, you can charge it via your AC switch.


Ball Machine Tennis Twist

Is it possible to benefit from tennis ball machines?

Yes, a tennis ball machine helps to improve the game. They can consistently feed balls for lengthy periods, which is required for a tennis player to enhance their skills. Tennis ball machines can help players get ready for the wide range of shots they’ll encounter in a real game.

How long can a tennis ball machine run on batteries?

It all depends on the battery and the machine. Mostly the battery-powered tennis ball machine can last up to eight hours on the court. For example, the average tutor prolite batteries lasts 3 to 4 years before needing to be replaced.

A ball machine holds how many tennis balls?

Tennis ball machines typically contain 50 to 300 balls, so individuals who practice without a partner or instructor may want to invest in a higher capacity machine to reduce reloading time.


So, the best way to make sure that your tennis game is top-notch is to invest in a good tennis ball machine. They will help you in becoming a pro player. But for that, a good tennis ball machine is a must.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the best machines. These machines have the latest technology, and you can also connect them with your phone. But before buying, always refer to the buyers’ guide and customer reviews.

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  • Hold Enough Tennis Balls-The Tennis Serving Machine with multitracks can hold 30 tennis balls. No need to pick up the balls often.
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  • BATTERY POWERED - Typically operates eight to ten hours on six new ‘D’ size alkaline batteries (not included). See chart below for MORE MODELS.
  • MADE IN U.S.A. Manufactured and sold by Sports Tutor.
WILSON Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper -75 Balls capacity
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  • Holds 75 tennis balls with a special no spill lid (Tennis Balls NOT included)
  • Durable plated steel construction
  • Handles convert to lockable legs
  • Some assembly required (tool included)