11 Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet 2022 – Great Looking Helmets

Star Wars is one of the most-watched movie and television series in the world. It gained its popularity with a film in 1977 and was followed up with the television series. A lot of humans, aliens, robots, and others form a part of Star Wars as they coexist in a different galaxy.

It was not surprising that people began manufacturing Star Wars products that sold in enormous quantities.

One of the popular items is the Star Wars motorcycle helmets. Due to the several manufacturers available in the present market, it is difficult to choose the best Star Wars motorcycle helmet. So, we created a list of the best helmets out there to make it easier for you to choose the best one for you or a loved one.

Our Top Reviewed Helmets

1. Star Wars Men’s X-Wing Helmet

Star Wars Men's X-Wing Helmet

This helmet is designed and manufactured by Rubies Costume – Apparel which is aimed at the male fans of Star Wars. The helmet weighs less than 1 kilogram or 2 pounds and makes for comfortable wearing for men while riding their motorcycle.

It is made from synthetic material and comes in dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 inch. It can also fit adults and teens alike and is easy to wear. It also has a pull-on closure making it look stylish while riding your motorcycle outdoors.

This overhead helmet depicts the typical ones that are worn on Star Wars. It is also officially licensed by the Star Wars franchise with the official logo. You can be sure to make a good style statement when you wear this X-Wing helmet for your motorcycle rides.

From the time of your receipt of this product, you can avail 30 days return or refund policy which speaks volumes of the helmet quality. You will have to wash it by hand as the helmet is not typically washing machine friendly. The helmet comes only in one size.


  • 100% synthetic material which makes it comfortable when worn.
  • It is light in weight and can even be worn effortlessly during long rides.
  • The helmet is licensed and comes with the logo making it a trendy costume to wear.
  • You can wash this by hand with relevant ease.
  • Made with durable pull-on closure which is adjustable according to different head and face sizes.
  • It has a very original look-alike to the Star Wars costumes you had watched on television series or movies.

2. Men’s Star Wars Collector Stormtrooper Collectors Helmet

Men's Star Wars Collector Stormtrooper Collectors Helmet

The stormtrooper helmet is from the Star Wars collection and can be used by men. Rubies have manufactured it to perfection and to exactly resemble the stormtroopers in Star Wars. This helmet is made from plastic and comes in one size only.

The pull-on closure of this stormtrooper helmet makes it fit nicely in your head. The size easily fits teens or adults and is popular among the fans of Star Wars. It is typically used as a display item in offices or homes of Star Wars or stormtrooper fans.

This molded helmet also provides a relatively good feel when worn by men. It has a realistic look-alike to the stormtroopers that you have seen on television series or movies, making this helmet special. It is commonly sold with a 30-day return or refund policy by most resellers.

It is also licensed by Star Wars and thus provides a very true look. The best part about this helmet is that it can go well with other different apparels of Star Wars. The cleaning part of the helmet can be done by hand and is easy too.


  • Made from 100% plastic and can be washed or cleaned by hand.
  • Pull-on closure makes it a comfortable fit for teens and adults.
  • Light in weight and is suitable for stage shows.
  • Can be comfortably worn even for hours at a time.
  • Color and design are perfect look-alikes of stormtroopers as seen on Star Wars.

3. The Force Awakens Adult Captain Phasma 2-Piece Helmet

The Force Awakens Adult Captain Phasma 2-Piece Helmet

If you are a captain Phasma fan, you ought to have this 2-piece helmet as a part of your collection. It is a presentation of what you see in the Star Wars series or movies. The helmet is made from sturdy plastic, and you can hand wash it with ease.

This helmet model is worn by Captain Phasma in Episode VII, The Force Awakens. The pull-on closure of the helmet makes it fit comfortably for teens and adults and covers the face as well as your head when worn suitably. It can also be used as a costume for theater shows.

This durable plastic helmet can also be used as a showpiece at offices or homes if you are a fan of Star Wars. The helmet’s dimensions are 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weigh a little over 4 kilograms or 9 pounds. This helmet is designed for male fans of Captain Phasma.

It is officially licensed from the Star Wars franchise. The manufacturer has put in a great effort in producing the same model as you see in the 7th episode. Despite its weight, it fits comfortably as the total weight is distributed evenly in the helmet.


  • Plastic material makes it easy to wash by hand with little effort.
  • Teens or adults can wear it comfortably with the pull-on strap.
  • The full covering of the head and face offers it a realistic look.
  • The two-piece helmet is ideal for most Star Wars fans belonging to different age groups.
  • Has 30 days return and refund from most resellers offering this helmet.

4. Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

The manufacturer is chopper helmets, and they have done a relatively good job at creating a replica of the predator look. The helmet comes in 5 different size options for you to select from. It allows the helmet to be used by anyone in different age categories.

You can wear it on motorcycle rides with ease and comfort. It also has a ventilation system and a visor that are adjustable. The manufacturer also promises superior safety as the helmet is made from thermoplastic. In addition, it is multi-layered to provide good strength.

It has a mounted laser feature on the helmet with a switch right beside the light that can be used in foggy weather and nighttime riding. The product also meets the DOT standards making it exceptionally safe for the outdoor riding of your motorcycle.

The design of the helmet is also state of the art and has different dimensions and weights depending on the size that you choose to purchase. You will have 100% guaranteed satisfaction from the manufacturer or your money returned to you.


  • An adjustable ventilation system and visor make it supremely comfortable while worn on motorbike rides.
  • DOT safety standards are met by this product too.
  • The toggle switch and laser light make the helmet look and feel unique, unlike the others in the market.
  • Thermoplastic layers make it relatively safe and shockproof.
  • Style, design, and quality are not compromised for looks.
  • The total weight of the helmet is equally distributed to add comfort while worn on bike rides.

5. Star Wars the Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet

Star Wars the Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet

Any Darth Vader fan would instantly fall in love with this premium electronic helmet. Equal importance is given to detail when it comes to the exterior and interior design of this helmet. It is adjustable and is accessible in multiple pieces to replicate the exact Darth Vader design.

Magnets are provided with each piece of the helmet, helping it adjust and fit appropriately when worn. You can also have the exact sound effects that you experienced in the Star Wars series with the specific breathing pattern noise.

It is significant if you are a collector, fan, or a person who likes Darth Vader, as you would enjoy this helmet and its uniqueness. You can have your entire head, face, and neck covered with the different pieces provided by the manufacturer.

Most resellers who sell this premium electronic helmet provide 30 days return or refund if not satisfied with the product. Adults or teens would love this helmet for the effects and realistic looks that the manufacturer has provided.


  • Breathing sound effects provide Darth Vader’s helmet with a realistic feel.
  • Designed with good interior and exteriors for maximum comfort.
  • Multiple pieces that the helmet is made of give a relatively unique design.
  • Can be used in competitions, stage shows, or on motorcycle rides.
  • Detailed coverage of the neck, face and head is provided by the manufacturer.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Black Series Darth Vader Helmet

As a person buying a Star Wars helmet, it would be hard to select the right one from the variety of available options. This is why we have provided a guide for you to help identify the right helmet based on different features. The most important ones are as follows:

Helmet Purpose

While some purchase Star Wars helmets for collection purposes, others prefer to use them while riding. So, based on this purpose, you can choose the helmet you would wish to purchase as a Star Wars fan. You have to remember that collectible helmets may not be the ones that are ideal for riding purposes. Therefore, you should select your helmet based on this criterion to serve its purpose.


The material is an aspect to be considered if you are buying one for wearing purposes. Ideally, the ones you purchase for riding should meet specific safety standards set by your country. Usually, they are made from thermoplastic or other durable materials to ensure they are safe for motorbike riders.

Comfortable Fit

Helmets are likely worn for extended periods and therefore need to be comfortable. If you have one that is uncomfortable, you might not like it. So, select the Star Wars helmet that is a good fit for you. The helmet strap should also be adjustable so that you can make them a perfect fit for your head and face.

Ease of Cleaning

The ease at which you can clean the helmet is another factor to be considered. Since they are worn outdoors, helmets can get dirty very quickly. Therefore, if you are not able to clean it often, then there are minimal chances of you using it for a long period.

Style and Looks

Any Star Wars fan would prefer the helmet to be stylish and unique. Therefore, you should be able to select the helmet from a manufacturer who is licensed. It would ensure that the replica is an exact look-alike of the Star Wars franchise. It will also make sure that you get the full value for your money.

Weight and Dimensions

Check the weight of the Star Wars helmet and the dimensions that it has. A helmet that has the weight evenly distributed ensures maximum comfort while wearing for long hours. You can check the reviews to find out if it would be of ideal weight before you purchase it.

Quality and Price

Read a few reviews to find out if the helmet is of good quality before you make the purchase. A price comparison would also help you ensure that you are not paying more than the market standard for the helmet.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmet

Q: What Star Wars helmet should I purchase for my kid?

A: Different Star Wars helmets are available in the current market to depict different Star Wars characters. You should find out the favorite character of your kid and then purchase a helmet that is a replica of the specific character.

Q: What material should the Star Wars motorcycle helmet be made of?

A: The main thing to consider is the purpose or use of the helmet. A collectible Star Wars helmet can be made from any material. However, if you are planning to wear a helmet, you must select one made of durable material. Make sure they meet the safety standards to ensure safety while riding motorcycles.

Q: Is an electronic Star Wars motorcycle helmet a good idea?

A: If you want different features on the helmet, for example, laser light or noises, you should purchase an electronic helmet. If you plan to use your helmet for outdoor activity, it is vital to select one that can be easily cleaned or washed. So, depending on the way you plan to use the helmet, you can choose between electronic or non-electronic helmets.

Q: What type of strapping should the ideal Star Wars motorcycle helmet have?

A: Most manufacturers offer pull-on straps for their Star Wars motorcycle helmets. That makes it easier to wear and adjust based on different sizes. Pull-on straps also make the helmet fit properly on your head.

Q: Where to buy the perfect Star Wars motorcycle helmets?

A: It is always better to purchase a Star Wars motorcycle helmet from a licensed manufacturer. It would make the helmet look genuine and also a replica of what you have seen in Star Wars. Cheaper options are often not up to safety standards and of poor quality. Avoiding them and purchasing from licensed manufacturers can give you the best Star Wars look that you always wanted.


There are many resellers of high-quality Star Wars motorcycle helmets in the market. You can always choose to compare between sellers to get the best prices. Also, go through reviews to know the exact nature of the motorcycle helmet you are acquiring.

It often helps you pick the best one in the market at the right price. Also, ensure that you select the ideal size of the motorcycle helmet to ensure comfortable wear or fit.