20 Best 10 Over The Range Microwaves 2023 – Fit Your Kitchen [2023]

Thinking of renovating your house or your cooking space, well what needs to be included must be the over-the-range microwaves that are a must for the change. These microwaves are inducted in an area present above the gas stoves. These kinds of microwaves are specialized in cleaning air through ventilation techniques that come pre-installed in them.

Our Pick
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603B Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
Good Choice
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603S Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
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TOSHIBA ML-EM45PIT(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven With Inverter Technology, Kitchen Essentials, Smart...
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COSMO COS-2413ORM1SS Over the Range Microwave Oven with Vent Fan, 1.34 cu. ft. Capacity, 1000W, 24...
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603B Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603S Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
TOSHIBA ML-EM45PIT(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven With Inverter Technology, Kitchen Essentials, Smart...
COSMO COS-2413ORM1SS Over the Range Microwave Oven with Vent Fan, 1.34 cu. ft. Capacity, 1000W, 24...
Our Pick
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603B Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603B Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
Good Choice
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603S Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
30 Inch Over-the-Range Microwave Oven, GASLAND Chef OTR1603S Over The Stove Microwave Oven with 1.6...
Don't Miss
TOSHIBA ML-EM45PIT(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven With Inverter Technology, Kitchen Essentials, Smart...
TOSHIBA ML-EM45PIT(BS) Countertop Microwave Oven With Inverter Technology, Kitchen Essentials, Smart...
Also Consider
COSMO COS-2413ORM1SS Over the Range Microwave Oven with Vent Fan, 1.34 cu. ft. Capacity, 1000W, 24...
COSMO COS-2413ORM1SS Over the Range Microwave Oven with Vent Fan, 1.34 cu. ft. Capacity, 1000W, 24...

This behaves as an extra advantage as compared to the normal characteristics that basic microwave ovens provide. To lend a contemporary style to the kitchen and to enhance it using modern technology, these microwaves are absolute must-haves.

Comparison Table:

Best Over The Range Microwaves Review 2023



This microwave oven is from the brand Frigidaire. It comes with a tremendous quantity of 1.7 cubic feet, and that characteristic lends you the benefit of cooking quite a large number of dishes at one go. It further arrives with a turntable which assists in cooking large varieties of food at once.

The material used in constructing this oven is something which you can absolutely rely upon. The stainless steel utilized in its making gives it extra durability along with extra strength. Modern technology used in making this oven serves to finish one’s kitchen chores in a really easy manner.


  • It arrives with an amazing 1.7 cubic feet quantity
  • This microwave weighs 60 pounds and is a good one for small spaces.
  • Energy consumption is not much. It only consumes 1000 watts of energy.
  • The body of this oven is made up of stainless steel
  • It does not come with a pre-installed battery and neither requires one.
  • It Comes with an effortlessly clean interior and day-to-day cleaning is an easy job too
  • It allows automatic power adjustment by built-in sensors.

2. GE JVM6175SKSS Microwave

GE JVM6175SKSS Microwave

This microwave oven is from the brand GE. It assists you with making numerous food items because of the 1.7 cubic feet quantity that it provides. It has a multitude of characteristics that make your daily cooking chores effortless and easy. Its design is sleek and flawlessly complements your modern kitchens. As an add on comes the characteristic of automatic gearing of optimal defrosting time level by the oven only by entering the exact weight of eatables.


  • It arrives with a really good quantity of 1.7 cubic feets.
  • The body of this oven is made using steel.
  • It has pre-installed detectors that automatically determine the period of making the food.
  • It has a weight of 52 pounds.

3. GASLAND Chef OTR1603B Microwave

GASLAND Chef OTR1603B Microwave

The device is manufactured by Gasland and arrives with a quantity of 1.6 cubic feet. It flawlessly suits the tiny area in the cooking space. Has great efficiency. The oven’s strength and durability are increased by the kind of material that is used in building it, that is, stainless steel and glass.

The oven offers ten different power phases which makes it a suitable fit for your desires. It has an additional feature of ‘child lock’ which allows you to keep a review on its accidental operation by your tiny tots.


  • This microwave oven comes with a large capacity of 1.6 cubic feets.
  • It allows you to multifunction. It can cook along with defrosting.
  • It lends a safe and secure food preparing environment
  • It works quietly and does not disturb other people.

4. Deals FFMV1845VS Microwave

Deals FFMV1845VS Microwave

It is from the brand Deals and has an amazingly huge quantity of 1.8 cubic feet. It is made up of stainless steel which ingrains in it some extra strength and vitality. It offers 10 different power levels and weighs 67 pounds.

The nicest characteristics of this microwave are child lock, kitchen timer and convertible ducting. This perfectly shaped and sized microwave supports you in making a multitude of dishes for your family in a rather effortless manner.


  • It arrives with a quantity of 1.8 cubic feet
  • This oven provides a convertible venting type.
  • It does not require a battery for working.
  • It also has a kitchen timer and a child lock.

5. Galanz GLOMJA17S2B-10 Microwave

Galanz GLOMJA17S2B-10 Microwave

Manufactured by Galanz, this stainless steel microwave arrives with a quantity of 1.7 cubic feet. It is adequate for suiting various types of kitchens, varying from modular to modern. Arrives with a pre-installed exhaust fan, that is expert in quickly and smartly eliminating smoke, any kind of odours from the cooking space in the least possible time. The microwave retains sufficient room to accommodate containers of any length.

It arrives with nine different power levels which help one to cook a spectrum of dishes comprising pizza, popcorn, beverages, veggies, cheese, meat and butter. This would be a perfect pick for any cooking space, especially if you love cooking a variety of dishes.


  • This oven offers a quantity of 1.7 cu. ft.
  • It contains a durable turntable made up of glass.
  • It arrives with a pre-installed exhaust fan.
  • This oven offers 11 variable power degrees.
  • It has a door handle made up of aluminium.

6. Sharp SMO1854DS  Microwave

Sharp SMO1854DS  Microwave

This is manufactured by the brand Sharp. It arrives with a quantity of 1.8 cubic feet. If your house, your cooking space is built in a modern yet stylish theme, then this is the perfect partner for the kitchen. It arrives with a blue screen on the door area that looks cool and is easy to read.

It comes with a pre-installed ventilation structure which is very worthwhile and powerful up to four hundred fifty cu. feet/minute. The inner portion of it is made using enamel which makes it strain-resistant. Enamel also allows easy and effortless cleaning of this electric appliance.


  • This oven is very light and weighs 51.1 pounds
  • Besides it also comes with a quantity of 1.8 cu. feet
  • It arrives with a really cool blue display screen.
  • The body of this microwave oven is made of stainless steel.

7. RCA RMW1630 Microwave Oven

RCA RMW1630 Microwave Oven

This microwave is manufactured by the brand RCA and arrives with a quantity of 1.6 cu. ft. It has got a very stylish body and the various characteristics that arrive with this microwave make it very easy to make and defrost food. There are ten different power levels. Its venting system is very advanced. Another advanced feature is the child lock and soft-touch highly sensitive electronic control panel.


  • This oven serves many people by preparing a large number of dishes with a quantity of 1.6 cu. ft.
  • It weighs around 63.8 pounds
  • This oven has an energy usage of 1000 watts.
  • The body is made using steel.
  • It also has a ceramic burner type

8. Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) Microwave Oven

Toshiba ML-EM45PIT(BS) Microwave Oven

Exterior dimensions : 21.8 x 19.2 x 13 inch, interior dimensions : 15.5 x 17 x 10.2 inches, sleek and stylish corrosion-resistant featuring classic look. Inverter techniques ensure consistent warming and cooling, allowing for speedier preparation and much more enjoyable customer satisfaction.

Sensors selection pre-programmed enables optimal warming of common products such as pizzas, potatoes, veggies, and much more.

Single-touch corn with easy accessibility to begin the microwaves for 1–3 mins of total power heating. Ecological option, the voice on/off choice, plus children’s safety locking are all included. One thousand two hundred fifty watts feature ten levels of power, a schedule and meal clock, a precise digital readout, a simple control center, an LED hollow lighting, and a 13.6-inch crystal platter.

While delivery, a protecting coating is applied so over the keyboard. And then use it for the first time. Feel free to take that off if you want to silence the microwave’s alarm, press and hold the key “8” approximately 3-5 sec. After just a prolonged sound, the siren is turned down instantly.


  • LCD Display
  • Capacity – 1.6 Cubic Feet
  • Inverter technology
  • Pre-programmed sensor menu
  • Child Lock
  • Energy Saving

9. Cosmo COS-2413ORM1SS Over The Range Microwave

Cosmo COS-2413ORM1SS Over The Range Microwave

Prepare food with accurate measurements and tasty outcomes thanks to the ten levels of power and 1.34 cubic ft. volume. Elevated ventilation eliminates smoke, odor, plus humidity. Use touchscreen defaults with activities such as melt, smoothing, cooling down, and popping corn. When the meal is finished cooking, it recognizes this and shuts down autonomously.

With dimensions 23.8 x 23.8 x 23.8 x 23.8 x 23.8 x 2 “(W) x 16.1″ (D) x 17″ (W) x 16.1″ (D) x 17” (H). The size(diameter) of the platter is 13.6 inches “. The Sensors Prepare & Sensors Reheat programs let users enter pre-measured items, such as ready meals, ham, vegetables, and much more, as well as the programs will estimate the right cooking periods.


  • With Vent Fan
  • Capacity – 1.34 Cubic Feet
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Convenient Touch Presets
  • Stainless Steel

10. Frigidaire Compact Over-the-Range Microwave

Frigidaire Compact Over-the-Range Microwave

Rim glazing maximizes the inner surface while providing a smooth and contemporary appearance. With both the stroke of a key, you may prepare roast potatoes, corn, or perhaps even extend 30 seconds. Lighting systems provide a bright, brilliant sight of the top. As your item microwaves, the LED internal microwaves illumination remains on.

Microwaves quickly cook a range of foods by automatically updating energy output and cooking techniques. The revolving crystal platter with a 13.625″ diameter can accommodate large cups and soufflé plates. The over-the-range microwaves also function as a cover, having two rotor speeds for airflow.


  • With Automatic Sensor Cooking
  • Capacity – 1.4 Cubic Feet
  • Child Lock
  • Full-Width Door
  • Single-Touch Controls
  • 2 Speed Ventilation

11. RCA RMW1846-SS Over-The-Range Microwave

RCA RMW1846-SS Over-The-Range Microwave

The chrome-plated microwave provides more user-friendly heating settings for convenient and straightforward warming & defrosting. It is also equipped with such a sensing element that conveniently enhances cooking. A 4 velocity, 400-CFM ventilation mechanism is included. Smoking, mist, and aromas are all removed with this tabletop microwave. Temperature control options include automatic and scheduled.

And maximum performance, defrosting periods & energy settings are preset manually or automatically. The security barrier prohibits minors from operating the device without adult supervision. With needing to unlock the gates, internal illumination may be used to track the validity. Electronically controlled screen with a level surface and an easy-to-use auto-cook option. Cooking clock with digital display with measurements of 15.25 x 29.88 x 16.5 inches and a weight of 69.9 pounds


  • Child Lock
  • Digital Display
  • Interior Light
  • Capacity – 1.8 Cubic Feet
  • Stainless Steel
  • Venting System

12. Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave

Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave

Specifications of the entity: 21.20″ L x 19.00″ W x 12.20″ H Polished chromium with such a darkly stained glass panel as well as an engraved Cuisinart emblem. Display and fingertip controllers

Preheat baking or roasting with or without microwaves feature, two easy thaw options to defrost meals either by mass or duration. Instructions and a cookbook are given, as well as the fact that it is BPA-free.

Microwave oven plus barbecue with 1000-watt convective technology on the counter. Microwaves with cooking can be configured to move from one function to the next automatically.

Regarding consistent warming, use a 12-inch spinning acrylic platter. Nine default selections and a grilling feature are available on the touchscreen settings menu. Guidelines provided; thaw by mass or duration; convertible grilling tray.


  • Capacity – 1.2-Cubic-Foot
  • Touchpad
  • Bpa Secured
  • 9 Preset Choices
  • Reversible Grill Shelf

Buyer’s Guide For The Beat Over-The-Range Microwave

The over-the-range microwaves have been designed to accommodate nicely atop the stovetop. It usually has a constructed venting method that enables air circulation while users prepare meals.

That’s a savior who provides space on the work surfaces while also removing harmful fats as well as aromas. Over-the-range microwaves can perform all of the functions of a standard microwave, including cooling down premium portions of meat and preparing a rapid weekday supper.

It even has a few more additional features, making it a perfect complement to any contemporary kitchen. This gadget is a terrific alternative for you unless you’re trying to redesign the home with a fresh style, clear up the additional storage space, or merely could use a substitute for an unsustainable idea. 

And that can be difficult to choose the correct microwave for the household. We’ll offer readers the scoop on over-the-range microwaves dimensions, performance, cost, and set up to recommend the best decision for your house.

  • Power Consumption

Depending upon what you want to prepare or cook in your microwave, decide how powerful an oven you need for your house. More voltage means a more powerful microwave. If cooking items that take more time and energy is your desire, it is recommended to purchase an oven that is extra productive and fast.

  • Automated Cooking

Automated Cooking - Buying Guide

If you love enjoying your everyday chores even while cooking, then this feature is a must for you. Auto cook lets you simplify your cooking life and is a feature that you won’t find in your regular basic ovens. Just make sure you know the operation and how to rationally use the auto cook feature, and there you have it.

  • Defrost

This one would be the most miraculous element for a working woman. If you too are a working woman, you must be used to freezing the leftovers from last night and eating it in the morning. With that being the case, this characteristic is a must-have for you. Just put your frozen food in your microwave and enjoy the hot savoury food within minutes.

  • Child Lock

Child Lock - Buying Guide

If you have tiny tots in your house and are worried about their safety, make sure to buy an oven that offers the feature of child locking. If your child is an inquisitive creature, you must be aware of how enthusiastic they are when it comes to trying their hands at the various things in your house, be it the computer, aquarium, mobile phones or your microwave.

Make sure to avoid accidental operation of the microwave by your tiny toddler by buying one that arrives with the child lock element.

  • Preheat

If you love baking, which most kitchen owners do, you must be aware of the importance of preheating the oven before baking anything. Preheating allows you to heat the microwave for the required time to let it reach the necessary temperature before you put your food item to be cooked in it.

If you think this characteristic is a must for you, always buy the oven that provides you with it. Baking a cake, or cookies, making brownies all desire a baking appliance that arrives with a preheat feature. Do not avoid this characteristic in your microwave.

  • Timer

Timer - Buying Guide

There can be times when you put your roasted chicken in the oven for some time and go bathing or doing other chores only to return to it by the smoky vapours. To avoid such mishaps, this timer feature is a must for you. A timer enables you to put the specific time duration for each dish that you make in your oven.

You can set the timer ranging from 20 seconds to 20 minutes. This will enable you to avoid all the major fuss you can encounter if got engrossed with some other work.

  • Microwave Accessories

One great benefit of purchasing microwave ovens online is the added microwave accessories that arrive with your oven. There is a diversity of accessories that you can purchase, like gloves, cooking appliances, pots, containers, microwave racks and much more. Do try to get as many accessories as possible with your microwave oven.

  • Warranty

Having security with whatever you spend is a must. Purchase a microwave after looking for its warranty card and the maximum warranty period. This is essential. Buying an oven that arrives with a one-year warranty will turn out to be the best pick. Look for more microwaves and choices unless you find one that suits all your desires and suits them perfectly.

  • Dimensions and Sort

Dimensions and Sort

It’s crucial to remember that perhaps the overwhelming majority of designs would be about 30 inches broad. Smaller ones with a width of 24 inches were also available, although they’re more challenging to come by.

To ensure correct placement, you’ll need to measure the dimensions of the slot. On the other hand, some individuals forget to take their elevation into account. Since previous models were minor than contemporary versions, this is significant. You’ll require 36″ space from the grill grate if you’ve had an anti burner. The microwaves must also have a thermal shield to melt the base.

  • Energy in Watts

Microwave heating capacity is expressed in watts, which means the more watts the microwaves produce, the faster they can prepare the meal. Increased wattage offers additional versatility in terms of speed.

That implies you’ll have extra capabilities for program and sensors heating. The wattage of microwaves can vary between 500 to 1,500 watts. About 800-1,000 Watts is a reasonable spectrum for an over-the-range microwave.

  • Cost

Although an over-the-range microwave will cost extra, it will also give you so much value for the budget. You’ll get more functions and more excellent heating capability than you’d get from a typical tabletop microwave. Increased ambient light plus developed airflow are among the perks and saving areas. A tabletop microwave just cannot beat such features.

  • Ventilation

A decent airflow is among the most significant qualities an over-the-range microwave can even have. The microwaves must successfully remove culinary aromas and soot because it is substituting a traditional kitchen hood. The two kinds of ventilating are a ventilated hood that vents the emissions outside and a visor with a filtration circulating fresh air inside.

Check for versions that have a variety of rotor speeds and thus are unobtrusive while running. Unless you want to exhaust your house outdoors, nevertheless, remember to check whether the ventilation is two – dimensional.

  • Control Panel

Control Panel - Buying Guide

It will be annoying and hard to be using a complicated settings menu or something that is excessively high off the ground for smaller individuals to access. Certain microwaves have the settings menu from the inside, allowing for a more simplified outside aesthetic. Just choose a design that would be multi-functional pleasing for everybody in the family.

  • Maintenance should be easy.

Several versions will feature a stain-resistant internal covering which will enable cleaning a breeze. It’s excellent to be capable of wiping stuff away with such a wet cloth, mainly because these microwaves are frequently situated beyond the line of sight.


These microwaves enable you to retain the ability and strength to perform more and also save extreme kitchen space. Their sleek design and modern technology assist you in making all your favorite dishes with the most perfection.

While buying the best microwave for your kitchen space, be sure to lend a deeper look into all these features and characteristics that a good oven must have.

Grab the one that suits your needs in every aspect, be it technological, characteristically, quantity-wise, economically and other factors included. Look for grabbing the best warranty period for your microwave and also ask for installation service from your provider.


1. Does the microwave oven be vented outdoors?

No. Venting microwaves to the outdoors is not necessary. It all depends on how the oven is set up. The setting can allow the fan to disperse the air in the kitchen or disperse it outside the house.

2. What is the nicest microwave range?

The responsible authorities have mentioned that the microwave should not be placed at a height more than 54 inches from the floor.  An 18-inch clearance space in between the microwave and the stove is a must-have.

3. For how long do these microwaves perform well?

These microwaves are created with the most durable materials and modern technology has been increasingly infused in them. The manufacturers are aware of their customer’s needs and problems that they encounter while installing them, which asks for a decent lasting period. These microwaves are good enough to last for 10 long years and continue to serve you in the best possible manner.

4. Do these ovens arrive with exhaust fans?

Yes. These modern-technology-based microwave ovens have pre-installed exhaust fans to help you remove all the unwanted vapours and gases from your kitchen space.

5. Do microwaves need ventilation?

Yes. All kinds of microwaves need a ventilation system. This helps in getting rid of all the unwanted smokes and odours from the kitchen and proper clearance is done. An efficient ventilation system is a must.

6. Do all microwaves have the same mounting kit?

No. Different microwaves from different brands and models come with different mounting kits. Mounting kits are primarily designed particularly according to the model and brand. All mounting kits are not the same.

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