5 Best Garlic Slicer Reviews

Just like any other kind of vegetable, fruit, or any other kind of produce, slicing garlic is easily one of the most tedious tasks that you will ever perform when preparing a dish.

This is especially true if you do this manually, as you can waste a lot more time than you want when slicing vegetables manually, especially garlic.

Not only is it tedious to slice garlic by yourself, it is also dangerous.

Considering how small garlic is, you are more prone to cutting yourself while chopping garlic than anything else.

This is why you need a slicer that can chop and mince garlic for you.

Our Favorite Garlic Slicer

Top 5 Best Garlic Slicers to Buy in 2023

1. “Safe Slice” mandoline garlic and vegetable slicer by Dash

DASH Safe Slice® Mandoline Slicer, Julienne + Dicer for Vegetables, Meal Prep & More with 30+...

A lot of garlic slicers are very close to being one-dimensional in what they can do. Most of the time, you’ll be disappointed in the lack of thickness options that you have with them. Dealing with this is frustrating and it can lead you to chopping garlic and other vegetables by yourself, something you were trying to avoid in the first place.

One of the best things about Dash’s Safe Slice vegetable and garlic slicer is that it boasts a lot of thickness levels. You can slice vegetables with it as thin as 1 millimeter to as thick as 8 millimeters with the Safe Slicer, giving you all the options you need.

The Safe Slice uses a spring loaded handle, meaning it is not an automatic slicer. This means that you still need to put forth a little bit of effort to slice vegetables with it. This spring loaded handle can wear itself out after using it as well.


2. Garlic press crusher and mincer by Venoya

Garlic Press Crusher and Mincer with Sturdy Construction - Professional Food Grade, Rust proof, Easy...

Given the size of garlic, there is often no need to possess a massive slicing machine in order to chop said garlic properly. As nice as slicing machines are, they use a lot of power and cleaning some of them can be complicated.

Venoya’s garlic press crusher is your solution if all you need is a manual press to mince and chop your garlic. All you need to do to mince garlic with it is put it inside of the hopper and squeeze it. Venoya’s press is much easier to clean than the common monstrous garlic slicing machine and you’ll save power when using it as well.

Although this is probably something that you would expect, there is no way that you have any thickness or size options with Venoya’s garlic press. All you get is one kind of mince, and you’ll need a different garlic slicer if you do need options.


3. Garlic press with silicone tube peeler and cleaning brush by MiTBA

MiTBA Garlic Press set- Professional Stainless Steel Mincer, User Friendly With Non-Slip Handles...

Vegetable slicing and mincing machines and garlic presses are fantastic appliances that can help you slice quite a bit. However, machines use a lot of power and take a long time to clean. Some garlic presses can rust as well. These leave a few things to be desired.

MiTBA’s garlic press decisively solves these issues. Being a press, it is very easy to clean. Being made of stainless steel, it won’t break or rust like other garlic presses have a tendency to. It also contains a cleaning brush and a silicone tube peeler which can assist you when using it to chop.

Anybody who uses a garlic press knows what to expect from it. And MiTBA’s garlic press is no different. You get exactly one mince size with it. You’ll need a different slicing device if you need something more versatile.


4. “Good Grips” manual garlic slicer by OXO

OXO Good Grips Garlic Slicer,White

Vegetable and garlic slicing machines do a fantastic job of automatically slicing your garlic, but they take a long time to clean and they use a lot of power. Garlic presses are good for mincing garlic, they have nothing to offer when it comes to slicing it.

You’ll want OXO’s Good Grips garlic slicer if you are looking for an appliance that allows you to slice garlic manually. Using a sliding design similar to a meat cutter, you’ll be able to slice garlic very easily with it as the Good Grips slicer uses the same kind of properties.

As you might expect, the Good Grips slicer only slices garlic. You’ll need another appliance if you need something that can physically mince garlic for you. Cleaning the blade can also be a little difficult to do.


5. “Good Grips Press” garlic press with built in cleaner by OXO

OXO Good Grips Soft- Handled Garlic Press

Garlic peels get stuck not only inside of garlic slicing machines, but also garlic presses. Removing these peels is every bit as tedious and even dangerous as chopping garlic yourself, as you need to often remove these peels from the blade of the press.

You will not need to deal with this ever again when you use OXO’s Good Grips Press. Its built in cleaner that pushes out the garlic peels make cleaning it much easier than other garlic presses. Its chamber is also much bigger than other garlic presses, making you able to mince a lot more garlic much faster.

The Good Grips Press suffers from the same kinds of drawbacks that any other garlic slicer does. It is only used to mince garlic, you won’t be able to use it if you need to slice garlic. You’ll need another appliance if you need to slice garlic.


Garlic Slicers: A Buying Guide

Because so much can be done with garlic in and of itself, you’ll need to determine exactly what kind of garlic slicer or mincer you need.

Consider the following things before you make a decision on a garlic slicer.

Will you need to slice or mince garlic?

This is the first consideration and it is the most important.

Most appliances that chop garlic for you come in two forms: A garlic slicer and a garlic press.

These appliances are one-dimensional in their usage in that all a garlic slicer can do is slice garlic and all a garlic press can do is mince it.

You’ll need to know which one of these things you need to do.

Do you prefer an automatic garlic slicer or a manual one?

While most garlic slicers and presses are operated manually.

However, there do exist garlic slicers that can automatically slice or mince your garlic, and this might be something you want to consider if you need to chop a lot of garlic and don’t want to wear your hand or wrist out by using the manual slicer to chop or mince your garlic.

Automatic slicers are very effective if you own an establishment and need to crush up garlic very quickly.

Do you need a garlic slicer for your home or an establishment?

Slicing, mincing, and chopping garlic is an important part of food preparation, especially when preparing food items that require a lot of garlic in their recipes.

Nowhere is this more at a premium than at an establishment, which often requires their prep cooks to work very quickly.

This is one situation where an automatic slicer could work better than a manual one, but since manual ones are easier to clean, you might want to choose one of those instead.

Will you be slicing and mincing just garlic or other vegetables of its size?

Slicers that are designed for garlic aren’t just limited to garlic.

Oftentimes, you can chop other vegetables with them, making the garlic slicer of your choice a little more versatile.

It is up to you if you want to use your garlic slicer for other produce, but the options are there and you might want to explore them.

Do you mind cleaning your garlic slicer regularly?

Some garlic slicers clean themselves, being able to remove the peels of most garlic that it needs to strip apart so that the garlic can be sliced or minced properly.

As good as this is, garlic slicers and presses like this tend not to streamline the slicing and mincing process as much as you might want.

However, some garlic slicers that work really quickly must also be cleaned regularly.

It is up to you to determine what you value more: Self-cleaning at the expense of efficiency or efficiency that requires you to clean the garlic slicer regularly.


Given the diversity of garlic slicers and presses, there is no reason that you will ever need to slice garlic by yourself unless you choose to.

Garlic slicers will help you slice your garlic thinly and will prevent you from possibly cutting yourself.

Using garlic press will mince garlic for you perfectly without any other work needing to be done by you.

There also exist automatic garlic slicers that you can use not just to slice garlic, but other kinds of produce as well.

The options are nearly limitless and with the right garlic slicer in your possession, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and effort when using garlic to prepare a dish.

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