The 5 Best Electric Pressure Canners In The Market 2023

Electric pressure canners and pressure cookers are slowly becoming the way of the future.

Many of them eliminate the need to use your oven, forcing you to wait painfully long periods of time before your meal is ready. These contraptions also eliminate the need for frying as well, acting as an air fryer.

Food preparation possibilities are endless when it comes to the best electric pressure canners, and you should certainly explore what they have to offer no matter what kind of food preparation tasks you need to take on.

Our 3 Favorite Electric Pressure Canners

Five Featured Electric Pressure Canners Reviews

1. “Duo Nova” 7-in-1 electric pressure cooker by instant pot

Instant Pot NOVA 6 Pressure Cooker, 6qt, Stainless Steel/Black

Anybody who is new to pressure canners will get a lot out of the Duo Nova, by Instant Pot. Containing seven different functions that are easy to use, you will be able to use it to cook almost anything with confidence. You can use it to steam, saute, or even make yogurt. These are just three of its seven different functions that make it versatile yet user friendly.

One of the reasons why the Duo Nova is easy to use is because its timers are very easy to read. Another reason why it is easy to use is because it contains a microprocessor that will automatically adjust the pressure temperature, cook times, and heating. Combine this with its smart lid and you get a pressure cooker that is practically designed for those who are not familiar with pressure canners.

The Duo Nova is also a suitable choice for college dorms or any other living arrangement where you find yourself needing a replacement for an oven or stove. This is because its size is very compact. It can easily fit on any given counter top without crowding anything. The Duo Nova also has an impressive 6 quart capacity, making it possible to cook for small crowds.

You’ll need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a pressure canner that has more advanced settings, however. While it is possible for the Duo Nova to cook all kinds of food items, the settings it contains are nothing more than simple timing adjustments.

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2. 10 quart pressure cooker by Power

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Capacity is very important when it comes to pressure cookers and pressure canners. Unfortunately, the majority of pressure cookers and pressure canners struggle with capacity. While this is negligible for those who only need a pressure cooker or pressure canner for themselves or a small group, it is at a premium for those who use them for large gatherings.

This is not an issue at all with Power’s pressure cooker. Possessing a capacity of an impressive 10 quarts, it is specifically designed for those who need a pressure cooker or pressure canner for large crowds. It also does a really good job of cooking very quickly for its capacity, being able to perform about 70% faster than any given conventional oven.

Another nice thing about Power’s pressure cooker is that it contains an airtight lid. This air tight lid forces moisture and any necessary substances into the food that is inside it, which can “lock in” flavor and nutrients in most cases. This is very impressive, given its capacity.

One thing that you will need to watch for with Power’s pressure cooker is that it does not contain nearly as many settings and functions that other pressure cookers or pressure canners contain. You will still be able to set your own times and other things like that, but this will require you to have a certain amount of experience with pressure cookers.

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3. 9-in-1 programmable pressure cooker with 6 quart capacity by Mealthy

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker 6 Quarts with Stainless Steel Pot, Steamer...

There are two major things that most pressure cookers or pressure canners struggle with. The first of these is options. Most pressure canners have a decent amount of options, but they are not totally comprehensive. Oftentimes, you’ll be left without one or two options that you could have used. Multiple functions is the other thing that pressure cookers and canners struggle with. Most of them just allow you to prepare one food item at a time and that is it.

Mealthy’s pressure cooker decisively solves both of these issues. It contains an almost overwhelming amount of settings that allows you to prepare nearly anything. You will never find yourself without options when using it. Mealthy’s pressure cooker also contains a steam basket that allows you to prepare two dishes at once since it is separate from the inner pot.

You won’t be out of options when it comes to general cooking programs with Mealthy’s pressure cooker, either. It provides 14 different programs, allowing you to optimize your cooking preferences for nearly any food item.

The only thing that Mealthy’s pressure cooker struggles with is capacity. It only allows 6 quarts. This is not suitable, given all of its options. While you are able to prepare two dishes at once with Mealthy’s pressure cooker, it will get very crowded when you do this.

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4. 4th generation electric pressure cooker with rice scooper by GoWise

GoWISE USA GW22637 4th-Generation Electric Pressure Cooker with rice scooper, and measuring cup, 14...

The majority of pressure cookers and pressure canners struggle with capacity. Some of them do have a decent capacity that might allow you to cook for a family or a very small gathering, but nearly none of them have the capacity that allows you to cook for a large gathering. This will often require you to possess two different pressure cookers and this is frustrating to deal with.

You will not need to deal with capacity issues at all when using GoWise’s pressure cooker. It has an impressive capacity of 14 quarts. This is nearly twice the capacity of some pressure cookers. It is perfect if you want to make a lot of food in bulk or need to cook for a very large gathering. The scooper that comes with it is really helpful for making rice as well.

Just because GoWise’s pressure cooker has a large capacity doesn’t necessarily mean it sacrifices options, either. It contains 12 different cooking programs that you can easily adjust, making it possible to slow cook, steam cook, or saute practically anything.

You will not have any real advanced options with GoWise’s pressure cooker, however. You will only be able to prepare one thing at a time and you will not be able to use it as an air fryer, either. Most pressure canners have these options and it is a shame that GoWise’s pressure canner does not.

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5. 9-in-1 pressure cooker and canner with 15PSI sterilizer by Instant Pot

Instant Pot Max 6 Quart Multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker with 15psi Pressure Cooking, Sous Vide,...

It is extremely rare to come across a pressure cooker that can also function as a pressure canner. Most pressure cookers do not contain the sterilizers necessary for canning and most pressure canners are not able to perform any pressure cooking functions. The lack of options that this presents is frustrating to deal with.

You’ll want to see what Instant Pot’s pressure cooker and canner can do if you are looking for one appliance that can perform both functions. This is only the first great thing about it. Another nice thing about it is that it contains nutriboost technology that creates a boiling motion that will break down any food item that is liquid in nature a little better than other pressure cookers.

Cooking times can be a little difficult to micromanage in pressure cookers and canners if you are not experienced. This guesswork is taken away with Instant Pot’s pressure cooker and canner with its altitude adjustment functions. This will provide a more precise cooking time and is useful for anyone who is not experienced with pressure cooking and pressure canning.

It is fantastic that Instant Pot’s pressure cooker and canner can perform both pressure cooking and pressure canning functions. However, its capacity is well under the average for both of these appliances. 6 quarts is all you get with it, and you’ll likely need to use more than one if you need to cook for a small group.

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Best Electric Pressure Canners: A Buying Guide

The thing about electric pressure canners is that they are used for specific food preparation tasks. There are a few things that you should probably consider before acquiring one.

What food items do you plan to prepare? 

This is the first consideration and the other considerations will revolve around this particular one. There are a lot of food items that do not necessarily require pressure canning to prepare, and you can just as easily use a pressure cooker to accomplish the same thing. Determine whether your food items specifically require a pressure canner.

How many do you need to cook for?

Like pressure cookers, pressure canners come in a variety of capacities. Some of them have a large capacity but with limited cooking options while others sacrifice capacity for options.

Keep this in mind when selecting a pressure canner.

Do you need a pressure canner or a pressure cooker?

Although these two appliances are similar, there are differences between pressure cookers and pressure canners. A pressure cooker applies pressure to generate heat, creating a steaming effect.

A pressure canner also applies pressure to generate heat but it creates an effect that resembles a boiling water effect. Know the difference and know which one you need.

What kind of home will you be getting the pressure canner for?

While some establishments make use of pressure canners, pressure canners are typically designed for home use. The question here has to do with what kind of home the pressure canner is going to be used in.

Some pressure canners are designed for large kitchens and some of them are very compact to where you can have it in your room or a small corner on your kitchen counter. You should certainly be aware of how big the pressure canner you want is and where it is going to be stationed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there electric pressure canners?

A: While they used to be rare, electric pressure canners are slowly emerging more and more, due to a higher demand for pressure cooking with a boiling water effect as opposed to pressure cooking using steam which is what pressure cookers do. Electric pressure canners certainly exist, and some of them are even able to pressure cook as well.

Q: What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner?

A: One thing you need to know about both of these appliances is that they both use pressure to cook whatever food is inside of it. The difference lies in the form that this pressure takes.

Pressure cookers utilize a steaming effect when cooking. This is useful for cooking rice and other food items that need steam to expand. Pressure canners produce a boiling water effect. This can allow you to cook whole food items, such as meat or vegetables.

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Q: Is a pressure canner worth it?

A: The answer to this question depends on what you intend to cook. Pressure cookers and pressure canners are really only as valuable as what you intend to cook. Pressure canners are a good choice for steaming vegetables without the vegetables losing their texture or for cooking meat and poultry, which usually cannot be cooked properly in pressure cookers.

Q: Can you put a mason jar in a pressure cooker?

A: This depends on what is in the mason jar and whether the mason jar is sealed or not. Glass is more heat resistant than you think. It doesn’t expand and it typically will not break even when under massive heat pressure. However, if there is something inside of the glass jar that can expand, chances are good that the jar will at least develop cracks. Make sure that whatever you have in the mason jar can withstand pressure.

Q: What foods need pressure canning?

A: Any food item that would be better off boiled rather than steam can get a lot out of pressure canning. Vegetables are one such item. Vegetables have a fantastic texture when steamed, but steam them for too long and they will become mushy. Pressure can them and they’ll retain the texture a little better. Meat and poultry also retain their tenderness much easier when pressure canned.


Pressure canners used to be rare, often being overlooked because of how convenient pressure cookers used to be and still are. As similar as a pressure canner is to a pressure cooker, it is capable of different things and this is slowly being realized.

You might be using a pressure cooker when you would be better off using a pressure canner.

Do your research and see if you would benefit from a pressure canner instead of a pressure cooker. You might be able to benefit from one.



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Q: What is the difference between a canner and a pressure cooker?

A: What Is The Difference Between A Pressure Cooker And A Canner? A pressure canner is often also referred to as a canning pressure cooker because the two appliances are quite similar in purpose; the primary difference lies in their size. Where a pressure cooker is usually the size of a large pot, if not a little bigger, pressure canners, tend to have a significantly increased capacity.

Q: Can a pressure canner be used on a smooth top range?

A: For a pressure canner to work successfully on a smooth top range, the canner bottom must be flat and in contact with the cooktop. Most heavy cast aluminum canners meet these specifications.

Q: Can I use a pressure canner as a pressure cooker?

A: You can use either a pressure cooker or pressure canner for pressure cooking, but one has an additional function. A pressure cooker is sold in either a stove-top model or as an electric appliance and is used to cook foods under pressure in a fraction of the time needed to cook with a regular pot, oven roaster or cooker.

Q: Do electric pressure cookers make noise?

A: pressure cookers. Noise is measured by the intensity and frequency of sound waves. The unit used to measure the volume of sound is the that 60% of the respondents do not enjoy noise, over 50% of the respondents agree that noise causes annoyance, irritation, disturbs sleep, gives.