The 7 Best Cheese Grater For Soft Cheese: Review and Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Cheese Graters: Editor Choice

7 Best Cheese Grater For Soft Cheese:

1. Professional salad shooter electric slicer and shredder by Presto

Anybody who is looking for something much more than just a cheese grater will get a lot out of Presto’s electric slicer.

You can use this electric slicer to chop and shoot almost any kind of food item. This makes it possible to dress almost any entree with it, which is very useful if you need to chop things for soups, salads, or anything that contains shreds of food items really quickly.

You are not limited to one size of the slice, either. Containing cones for four different kinds and types of slices, you’ll never find yourself without a certain size or kind of slice.

One of the best things about Presto’s electric slicer is that it is dishwasher safe. You will not need to hand wash the blades and other parts of it and that is very convenient.

Unfortunately, Presto’s electric slicer contains a lot of parts. Lose one of these parts, and you’ll need to get it replaced in order to keep using the slicer. This can be especially troublesome if you find yourself switching between cones a lot. Be very careful when you do this, as it can be easy to lose some of these parts.

Operating Presto’s electric slicer is also a little more difficult than it needs to be. To operate it, you’ll need to press down the food item into the slicer and then hold down the button on the handle. This can be a little inconvenient if you want to slice more than one thing.

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2. Rotary cheese grater by LovKitchen

Automatic cheese graters have a tendency to do too much when it comes to how they shred and slice cheese. They can sometimes slice too much from a block, leaving you with too much-shredded cheese that you wanted.

This is why rotary cheese graters are still useful, and LovKitchen’s rotary grater is incredibly useful if you need a cheese grater that you can control manually.

Perhaps one of the best parts of LovKitchen’s rotary grater is that the shred tools are surrounded by a gasket. These will protect the tool as the constant rotating can wear it down. The gasket will protect from this.

You can slice cheese into shreds and strips with LovKitchen’s rotary grater, but you can also create whole slices with it as well. A lot of cheese graters do not have this kind of tool and it is very useful.

The hopper of LovKitchen’s rotary grater is only about 2 inches by 50 millimeters in diameter, and this can be troublesome if you are looking to slice large blocks of cheese with it. And while it is possible that you can use LovKitchen’s grater for other things, it is a much better idea to use an electric slicer.

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3. Classic rotary cheese grater by Zyliss

The ZYLISS is a pretty decently sized cheese grater if you’re looking for convenience. Its compact size makes it possible to leave tucked away and bring out for dinner parties or if you like freshly grated cheeses with your meals.

If you are looking for a cheese grater for larger jobs, look elsewhere. The Zyliss only holds a relatively small amount of cheese so you’ll need to refill it constantly if you want to use it continually.

However, the Zyliss works well with harder vegetables too and this makes it versatile. 

It is possible to keep the Zyliss on the dinner table for harder cheeses that you can shred over pasta or salads because it is so compact, which is very nice.

The compact size also means that you may have a tough time using the Zyliss if you have larger hands, although it should fit most sized hands. 

The assisting arm on the back that holds the cheese in place makes it valuable. This prevents you from having to press the cheese into the housing constantly

While the assist arm is helpful while shredding, it makes it slightly difficult to clean, and has a tendency to leave the last bit of cheese you’re shredding in the housing which eventually means you’ll have to put more in to have to grate properly. 

Also, due to the shape of the grater, you’ll need to break large bits of cheese into smaller ones as it doesn’t really hold too much at once.

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4. Professional series coarse grater by Microplane

If you’re comfortable shredding ingredients the old fashioned way, Microplane’s grater should work well for you. Some of the more modern cheese graters can be complicated in their design and Microplane keeps things simple with their grater.

It’s helpful for shredding ingredients on the fly while you’re cooking, and Microplane’s grater is not limited only to cheeses, as you can use it to shred harder vegetables that you can use for salads and sautéing.

It’s not the best to clean by hand, but you can throw Microplane’s coarse grater in the dishwasher as it is durable and dishwasher safe. The grating surface is large enough and you can shred blocks of cheese or vegetables large enough to hold, but there isn’t any assistance from the grater itself so Microplane’s grater is certainly an elbow grease endeavor.

Shredding with Microplane’s grater is very time consuming, and considering there are newer and more assistive means of grating cheese and other ingredients, Microplane’s grater is only recommended if you have some time and don’t mind using your hands.

Microplane’s coarse grater is recommended if you’re the type to shred your fresh ingredients during or just before cooking. If you need something you can store it away quickly and conveniently when you’re not using it. It will fit in any kitchen drawer with other utensils and won’t get in the way.

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5. Rotary cheese grater slicer by Keouke

Keouke’s rotary cheese grater is a good alternative to any given electric-powered slicer and grater. If you do not have the room for electric cheese graters, you’ll get a similar experience with Keouke’s slicer.

The size of Keouke’s slicer makes it easy to use no matter how big or small your hands are. The suction cup bottom also prevents it from sliding too much. While this is useful, it will still struggle on wet surfaces.

There aren’t many moving parts, which makes Keouke’s grater slicer fairly easy to operate. The 3 different drums also make slicing, grating, or crushing easy. You can fit a fair amount of food into the neck of Keouke’s slicer, but you’ll need to chop the ingredients ahead of time so that they’ll fit easily.

Keouke’s slicer is very useful for salad ingredients and smaller dishes, but it is not recommended for really large jobs. 

The manual nature of this appliance also means that you’ll be putting some effort into making it work so for smaller jobs it’s nice but it isn’t the best for larger efforts.

The drums are easy enough to clean by yourself but are best left for the dishwasher to get into the smaller areas you’ll need to clean out. Changing out the drums is easy enough compared to most other cheese graters, however.

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6. Six-sided kitchen cheese grater by Utopia

The first thing and the best thing that you will notice about Utopia’s cheese grater is that it has 6 different sides. This makes the surface area completely optimized as far as cheese, fruit, and vegetable slices are concerned. 

Given that similar products only have 2 or three different slicing and grating consistencies, you will be pleased with the options the Utopia Grater provides. If you are looking for a cheese grater that can do everything, look no further.

The different sizes of grating mean that you can use it for hard or soft ingredients, and it there’s very little mess with the Utopia whatever you’re shredding, grating, or slicing drops down into the middle of the grater and collects for easy pickup. 

As manual graters go, the nonslip bottom is very convenient and doesn’t allow too much movement while you’re preparing your ingredients either. This is very nice since slip control is at a premium when it comes to cheese graters.

The slicing functions are nice for salad ingredients, and the shredders work really well with harder vegetables as well.

However, it is not easy to clean or store Utopia’s cheese grater. If you are keen to clean your cheese grater by hand, you will struggle with Utopia’s grater. 

In fact, you should probably avoid cleaning Utopia’s cheese grater by hand, since cleaning it by hand can actually be a little dangerous as you’re forced to stick your whole hand into the center to really clean it out.

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7. Rotary drum grater with three interchanging cylinders by SLC Swift

Most cheese graters tend to “lock you in” to a certain setting. Even if they do contain different slicers, these different slicers will often create the same kind of slice effect, only with some slight variations.

SLC Swift’s rotary drum grater is different from these in that it contains three different slicers that produce three distinct slicing effects. You’ll be able to choose from a coarse shredder, a slicer drum, and a fine shredder. 

This ensures that you have the right grater for each situation, and this is very useful if you are tasked with slicing different kinds of cheese or produce for different situations.

Some cheese and vegetable graters that contain these features are not dishwasher safe. If they happen to be dishwasher safe, they tend to have small parts that can get lost in any given dishwasher. 

Fortunately, this is not the case with SLC Swift’s grater. It is completely dishwasher safe and its parts are big enough to where they will not get lost inside of any dishwasher.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a grater that will automatically shred or slice food items, you are out of luck. Everything that is put into SLC Swift’s slicer needs to be sliced manually. This can be extremely troublesome if you need to shred or slice a lot of food items with it.

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How to Clean a Cheese Grater:

Like with any appliance, there are two ways to clean a cheese grater: By hand or via dishwasher.

Cleaning by hand is difficult, but not impossible. And in some cases, you may actually need to clean your cheese grater by hand. The most important thing to remember when you’re cleaning a cheese grater or any given grating appliance is that you are dealing with a cutting object. It is as likely to cut you as any sharp surfaced utensil, so make sure you are wearing proper gloves before taking on this task.

Sometimes just running water will loosen most particles in a grater, but this may not be enough, especially when it comes to small graters. 

Because of this, using a sponge might be necessary. As mentioned before, running water is a great start, and be certain to run water along the grating surface in both directions. 

Depending on the kind of grater you’re using, sometimes you’ll need to either remove a grating drum and/or wash the inside of the grater housing. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you inspect all the surfaces for an effective cleaning and to avoid any build up in hard-to-reach areas.

When you’re using a sponge to clean a grater, the most important part is that you wipe the sponge in the same direction as the grating blades are facing. Never use the sponge against the blades. If you do this, you’ll run the risk of cutting yourself on the sharp ends of the blades.

You’re also going to want to look closely at the areas where ingredients have a tendency to build up, as ignoring these areas will lead to buildup and bacteria which will make your graters unsafe to use at later times.

If all else fails, and you have access to a dishwasher—that is absolutely the best and most effective means of cleaning and commercial or small use cheese and/or vegetable grater…provided said grater is dishwasher safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheese Graters

Q: What kind of cheese grater does The Olive Garden use?

A: Because The Olive Garden (and most other italian restaurant chains) typically only need a cheese grater for shredding cheese, it uses a manual cheese grater that is a single unit. This makes it much easier for the back of house and the front of house staff to use, seeing as servers and bartenders of the restaurant may have some trouble using automatic cheese graters.

Q: What can you use as a cheese grater?

A: Surprisingly enough, you do not necessarily need a grater to shred and slice cheese. You can use practically anything with a sharp edge that can also produce the same kind of slice every time. A good example of this would be to use a potato peeler. It is possible to apply a potato peeler to a block of cheese and still produce a similar slicing effect that a grater would.

Q: How do you grate cheese without a grater?

A: The first thing you need should probably do is determine how thick the slices need to be. After doing this, you can use practically any device that cuts to slice and shred cheese. If the slices necessary are thick enough, you can use any given utensil that you would typically use to slice vegetables, since the concept is the same: You are taking a whole item and dicing it into smaller pieces. For extremely thin slices, you can even use a potato peeler.

Q: Can you sharpen a cheese grater?

A: Most cheese graters and other grating devices are equipped with blades that hardly ever need sharpening. However, there might be a need to sharpen said blades, and the sharpening process for a cheese grater is a little different than it is for sharpening a knife. However, you can use a knife sharpener against your grater to slightly improve its effects. But in most cases, you’ll need to use sharpeners that are specific to graters.

Q: How can I grate cheese quickly?

A: The answer to this question relies almost completely on how much cheese you need to grate and what kind of grater you are using. It also relies on what kind of shred you want your grater to produce. The easiest and fastest way to grate cheese quickly is to shred it very finely using your grater’s thinnest size drum. This will produce the fastest rate of slicing, but the slices will be extremely fine. In some cases, this may be preferable, but in other cases it may not be. Use your best judgement.



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Q: How do you choose the best cheese grater?

A: What to Look for When Buying a Cheese Grater Sharpness. Your grater should be sharp enough to cut through cheese or veggies without much resistance. … Stability. Stability matters because it makes grating easier and because you’re likely to lose less cheese that way. Comfort. Ideally, you shouldn’t get a hand cramp while using your cheese grater. … Versatility. … Ease of Cleaning and Storage. …

Q: What’s the best way to clean a cheese grater?

A: Rinse the Grater Immediately. Nothing makes cleaning your cheese grater easier than rinsing it off right after each use. … Give Your Cheese Grater a Generous Soak. … Scrub Vigorously with a Brush. … Dish Soap,White Vinegar,and Lemon Juice Can Help. … Let Your Cheese Grater Air Dry. … If All Else Fails,Pop It in the Dishwasher. …

Q: What is the best cheese cutter?

A: The Prodyne 805B Cheese Slicer is the best cheese slicer if you want full control over the dimensions of the cheese slices. It is a very powerful and efficient wire slicer and comes with a nice cutting board. The wire cuts cheese of all types of hardness seamlessly and is very durable.

Q: How can I grate cheese without a cheese grater?

A: Grating cheese without a grater is actually easy to do. Cut even 1/2-inch strips of cheese lengthwise using a sharp knife and a cutting board. Keep the strips together, but turn the cheese 90 degrees and lay it on its side.