Best Baguette Pan Reviews 2023

If you are interested in preparing french bread or any other food item like it, you will need a baguette pan.

While you can certainly prepare any given baguette style food item in other ways, baguette pans streamline this process to where it is much easier.

Baguette pans allow the yeast made in baguette style bread to rise in a way that brings out the kind of texture and appearance you come to expect from any baguette style of food item.

Although it makes sense to believe that one baguette pan is all you need for your baguette preparation, there is a lot more to it than that.

These are the 10 best baguette pans you’ll find today.

Our Favorite Baguette Pan

10 Best Baguette Pans

1. 15 inch by 13 inch perforated 4 gutter baguette pan by Amagabeli

Amagabeli Baguette Pan 15' x 13' Commercial Carbon Stee Nonstick for French Baguette Baking Pan 4...

Something that you do not see very often in baguette pans is their ability to allow moisture to escape the pan. This requires you to watch it a lot more than you might want to. Amagabeli’s baguette pan solves this by containing small perforations on the bottom of the pan, allowing moisture to escape. Its compact size also makes it ideal for the home.

You will certainly want to look for a different baguette pan if you are looking for one that you can use in the kitchen of an establishment, however. You can only bake four loaves with Amagabeli’s pan and this seriously limits how much you can make.


2. “Commercial II” non-stick perforated french bread pain by Chicago Metallic

Chicago Metallic Commercial II Non-Stick Perforated French Bread Pan -

One of the biggest issues that any given baguette pan faces is that most of them don’t allow for even baking. Most of the time, you’ll find that one side of your loaf will be underprepared while the other side is overprepared. 

You will not need to worry about this when using Chicago Metallic’s Commercial II baguette pan. The aluminized steel allows for a much more even baking experience.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to bake two loaves of bread in Commercial II. While this is fine if you are using it for the home or a small establishment, but you will want a baguette pan that can bake more loaves for bigger establishments.


3. 2 pack of 4 wave perforated baguette pans by Fasmov

Fasmov 2 Pack Baguette Pan, 15' x 13'French Bread Baking Pan Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan 4 Wave...

Most baguette pans are designed for either a small establishment or the home. This is because most of them can only make 4 different loaves of bread at a time. Two pans come in Fasmov’s set, with each one allowing you to prepare up to 8 different loaves of bread. This makes Fasmov’s set of pans perfect for situations where you need to prepare a lot.

The quality of the bread you make with Fasmov’s baguette pans will not be as good as the quality that comes out of other pans, however. This is because the pans in Fasmov’s set are not nearly as pronounced in their perforations compared to other pans. This means that you will need to deal with a lot more moisture than you might want to.


4. 4 cavity micro perforated mini baguette baking pan by Lekue

Lekue Silicone Perforated Mini Baguette Bread Tray

Baguette pans that are shaped like gutter can be a little difficult to work with. Removing the finished product from the pan is a chore and even though most of them are dishwasher safe, they are not easy to completely clean.

Lekue’s baking pan makes things a little easier by following a sheet design. This makes them a little easier to work with than baguette pans that follow a gutter design. You can also use Lekue’s pan in an oven, microwave, and freezer, making it much more versatile than other baguette pans.

Moisture control is the only thing you’ll need to worry about with Lekue’s baguette pan. This is because it does not utilize the gutter-type design that releases moisture. Additionally, the cavities in the pan are a little smaller than other pans.


5. Mini baguette baking tray by KeepingcooX

KeepingcooX Mini Baguette Baking Tray, 11x9 in, Non-stick Perforated Pan - Bread Crisping Tray, Loaf...

The biggest issue that most baguette pans face is that there do not exist any baguette pans that allow you to prepare smaller pieces. In most cases, you are forced to prepare big pieces and then trim them accordingly.

KeepingcooX’s baking tray has solved this problem. Containing 8 different cavities that allow you to bake smaller pieces of baguette type items, you won’t need to worry about having to cut what you serve afterwards if you want to make smaller pieces.

Unfortunately, KeepincooX’s tray does not allow for as much moisture to escape compared to other similar baking trays. It also struggles with baking evenly, since the cavities in it are so close together.


6. 18 inch tin plated steel baguette pan by Fox Run

Fox Run French Baguette Pan, Tin-Plated Steel, 18-Inch

Your options are very limited when it comes to finding a baguette pan that you can prepare an unusually long piece in. One of the most notable and best things about Fox Run’s baguette pan is that it is 18 inches long. This makes it one of the longest baguette pans you will ever see and it is necessary if you are tasked with making a substantially long baguette pan.

However, this feature makes Fox Run’s baguette pan almost one-dimensional. You’ll also need to be very experienced when using it to prepare a baguette type of product, as it does not let any moisture out. This means you’ll need to check on it a little more than you might want to.


7. 15 inch, 3 wave, ultra ventilating baguette pan by Chef Made

CHEFMADE Perforated Baguette Pan, 15-Inch 3 Wave Loaves Non-Stick Ultra-Ventilate French Bread Pan...

It is very difficult to find baguette pans that are not only very long, but can also allow you to prepare more than one loaf. Fortunately, Chef Made’s baguette pan does exactly this. Containing 3 waves at 15 inches long, it is a good choice for when you are tasked with making multiple baguettes that all need to belong.

Chef Made’s baguette pan also does a better job of ventilating than other baguette pans in that they reduce moisture even better. However, like many baguette pans of its kind, you will need more than one if you are tasked with preparing more than three baguettes at a time, which is common when using it in establishments.


8. 15’’ by 13’’ mold, proof, and bake rack by Epare’

Baguette Pan for Baking - 15' x 13' Nonstick Perforated Bread Pans for Homemade Bread - Long Italian...

Something that many don’t really know about baguette pans is that the smaller they are in width, the less resistant they are to heat. This is because of how compact they are. The more compact something is, the more it can warp. 

Warping is not an issue when using Epare’s baguette pan. Not only can you fit a baguette as long as 15 inches in each of its molds, it is wide enough to where it will never warp, even when used in very high oven temperatures.

However, another thing you should know about a baguette pan as big as Epare’s is that it also takes a little longer for the baguette you put in it to completely bake and rise. You will need to be a little more patient with it compared to other baguette pans.


9. Two pack 15 inch by 13 inch baguette pan by Richro

2 Pack Baguette Pan Nonstick 15' x 13' French Baguette Bread Pan - 4 Wave Loaves Bread Mold Oven...

It is very rare to come across a baguette pan that allows you to prepare any more than four different baguettes at a time. Most of the time, you’ll need to hope that you have another pan on hand.

This is not the case with Richro’s baguette pan set. Two come in the pack, and each pan allows you to prepare up to four different baguettes at a time. This is perfect for large social gatherings and it is almost ideal for establishments where you know you will be serving baguette style items.

Richro’s baguette pans are very effective for long term baking projects, but something that you need to watch for is how thin and flimsy the pan itself is. There is a good chance of it warping if you leave it in high oven temperatures for too long.


10. Perforated carbon steel baguette pan by Master Feng

Baguette Pan, Perforated 2/3/4 Loaf French Bread Pans, Best Non-Stick Carbon Steel Baguette Baking...

There are a multitude of issues that baguette pans face. First, a lot of them warp when used too much. Many consider this normal wear and tear, but it is something that anyone who uses baguette pans could do without. Most baguette pans also do not distribute heat evenly even though they claim they do.

Because Master Feng’s baguette pan is made of carbon steel, it will never warp. The carbon steel material is tough enough to withstand the temperatures that cause other baguette pans to warp. The waves of Master Fang’s baguette pan can also distribute heat much more evenly as well.

Unfortunately, you can only prepare two baguettes at a time using Master Feng’s baguette pan. You’ll need another pan if you intend to make more than two baguettes, which chances are good that you will.



Learning to make a proper baguette type food item is one of the most valuable culinary skills that you can learn.

New worlds of opportunities open up to you when you learn to make baguette types of food items. You’ll be able to make all kinds of different sandwiches and other food items by learning to make the perfect baguette.

Baguette pans are the de-facto instrument for making these kinds of food items.

Because not all of these are the same, you will need to take some time to explore which baguette pans you need and which ones fit best for your situation. 

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