How Much of Your Bankroll Should You Bet on Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the four most popular casino games and with all the rights. It is fun and fast-paced and you have to be at your best each time you play. If you let your guard down, or if your concertation falls just for a second you will lose.

Blackjack is one of those games that are not too complicated yet not too simple at the same time. You have to have a certain knowledge of the game; you have to have some sort of strategy in line and you need to have a decent bank if you want to participate in the game for as long as possible.

This gambling game is also not one of those that will get you rich pretty fast so don’t expect to hit a jackpot first-hand like you would do in slots after pressing the button or pulling a lever down. This is a game of patience, time, and good strategy. As you can see already, one term is repeating itself several times and it is the strategy. If you want to be good and long-lasting in this game you need a strategy that involves your playstyle and that involves your bank.

The title of the article today is bankroll and we will tell you just how much you can bet in blackjack successfully. If you would like to test what we say here be sure to check out where you will get a lot of free spins as well as cash bonuses to test with.


What is interesting enough in blackjack is that there are plenty of good players and gamblers that have poor bank strategy or betting strategy and knowledge. Most of them just wing their bets and although they are good at the game, still somehow lose, or do not win enough to say that this is going anywhere forward.

The basic principle behind betting in blackjack is to bet less when the casino has the advantage and bet more when you are ahead. It is not that difficult but it is also not that simple. There are risks to both under-betting and over-betting and today we will talk a bit about that.

Let’s start with over-betting. There are two usual times when people start doing this – when they are heavily overestimating their advantage with a hand, they believe it is good, but in reality, not so much and the other time is when they are losing and they do over-betting to chase down their losses. Both of these instances of betting are wrong and you need to see blackjack as a marathon, not a sprint race. You need to be disciplined and play in a way where you will win big over a longer run.

Betting big in short term means you are trying to win big today or tonight and that could heavily jeopardize your entire bankroll. in blackjack you need to keep your head cool, you need to think straight and you need to control your bankroll. if you overexpose your bank your risks will skyrocket and you will constantly over-bet until your clear your bankroll in total.


When it comes to under-betting this strategy is usually used by gamblers that are scared and that can’t take the heat. With this type of betting, you get gamblers that should invest heavily on a good hand but because of this invisible brake, they limit their bets to half or even lower just for the sake of keeping their bank. Another time when under-betting is popular is when gamblers start to win.

They start to win and they are waiting for that losing streak so they are constantly in a cramp of under-betting in anticipation of that hand that will ruin them. The main problem here is that you are probably not even playing a winning game, this type of betting strategy is killing your profits and it is prolonging the playtime without any good results. This also easily can turn into you playing a break-even game or a losing game if this gets dragged far enough.

What most of you are here for is for us to simply tell you how much you should bet and what your bets should look like. The answer is – we can’t determine that correctly and advise you with precision what you should do because several factors need to be considered.


Even though you know everything about the game, even though you can implement a bet spread into your game successfully thee are other things we need to consider, and they are pretty much individual. Some of those are the number of decks you are playing, the rules of your particular game, bankroll size deck penetration, risk tolerance and other factors that are big and that are, as we mentioned pretty individual.

There is a way to figure out how much you should bet in blackjack and we will try and share it now. Figure out your precise bankroll size and manage it as your life depends on it. Determine the sizes and watch out for the hands to make your bets according to what you aim at. There is a neat app that is Windows-based you can use to simulate your games to determine which way and how much you want to bet. The app is called CVCX and you can google it and see if it can help. It is a bit complicated but there are tutorials and explanations as well. The third thing you can do is practice at home and while doing that use 1-8 or 1-12 bet spreads. This will allow you to master these and if you practice with your friends you will see “simulated” outcomes and you can adjust according to those.

The last piece of advice is to be aggressive in betting. This may sound scary but aggressive betting overcomes a lot and what this means is that you need to find the nerve to make large bets spread from what you will bet when the casino has the advantage to what you bet when you have an advantage. This will help you stay right in the middle of over and under betting where you are doing neither one meaning you are not risking too much nor having a long and eventually break-even or a losing game.