Are Sherpa Blankets Better Than Fleece Blankets

Choosing the right products that are going to make our lives easier can be a bit difficult when we are faced with so many options. During cold nights and chilly days, we want to be able to cover ourselves or our little ones, and know that we are comforted and we are safe. Our blankets make the difference between sleeping soundly and waking up every hour scratching or looking for an additional coat to keep us warm. Here, we are going to compare two of the most popular types, and we will tell you if sherpa blankets are better than fleece blankets.

Sherpa blankets


Let’s first give you more information on these fabrics and what you need to know about them before making your investment. We are first going to start with the sherpa fabric and the main thing you should know is that even though this material is made to mimic wool, they are actually synthetic and they are made from materials that do not harm any living beings.

There are different types of this fabric, and if you have set your mind to finding something more natural, you can easily find cotton sherpa and you can also opt for other natural sources that are high-quality and durable.

Users love these blankets because they provide all the protection needed, they are soft, comfortable, and extremely practical, without being made from animals and without harming anyone in the process.

The fabric can be used for pretty much anything, starting from making blankets, up to coats, mittens, sweatpants, and other types of clothing that can be used during the winter season. Note that if you want to have something custom-made and you cannot find it already in stores, you can purchase the fabric on your own and create anything that you want.

Fleece blankets


When it comes to fleece, you should know that this fabric is also synthetic, and it is made from Polyethylene terephthalate. With fleece, you also have an option to opt for cotton or even bamboo, however, if you choose to get anything else than the original fabric, it is going to cost you more.

These blankets are known for their fuzziness and the comfort that they give, and they are preferred by those who want to feel like they are in a cuddle every time they use the blankets to cover.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that this fabric is most commonly used only for lining, and it is rarely found as a single material. Some types can be used alone, however, they are much thicker and they are good mostly for extremely cold weather.

When it comes to the uses, you can find fleece as lining for blankets, mittens, winter coats and jackets, and other types of clothing that require additional protection.


Now let’s compare the two types and see which one could be better for your needs. When it comes to warmth, it is said that if you are looking for a cover that is going to help you even on the coldest nights, then you should opt for fleece. Sherpa provides warmth, but it does not give you the same feeling as does the other fabric on its own.

When we consider the thickness, you can see that the first material we talked about is far less thick than the other one. Keep in mind that when it comes to fleece, more often than not, you can find them in different thicknesses, and you are the one who chooses if you want to use it just as lining, or if you want to opt for the polar version that is going to keep you warm even in the coldest conditions. When you read more about fleece blankets, you can see that they are far more versatile, and because of that, they are more commonly used.

If we examine softness, both of these coatings are pretty soft, and they are described as a warm hug even on the loneliest days. One thing that you need to pay attention to is that since there are many options when it comes to fleece, you may end up with a product that can be a bit itchy.

If you are concerned about their moisture-wicking properties, fleece is superior and it has either very good or excellent properties. Once again, this depends on the exact type of fabric that you choose, so make sure you do your research prior to getting the right blanket for your needs. Sometimes the users have been disappointed only because they purchased the wrong type of cover.

When it comes to maintenance, for both fabrics you need to be extra careful. They cannot go in the dryer, and if you put them there, chances are, they are going to get damaged. It is better if you wash them with cold water, but you can talk to the seller or manufacturer to help you out with the exact fabric that you have chosen.

Finally, if we consider the costs, you should know that if you go with the basic options for both of these, fleece is going to be cheaper. Nevertheless, you can easily find a product that fits your budget. If you opt for the cotton option, or if you want to get a thicker blanket, you will need to reach deeper in your pocket. So, make sure that you set up a budget beforehand so you don’t end up breaching it when you are faced with all the options.

As you can see, it is difficult to answer the main question, and which fabric is better depending only on what your personal preferences are. If you are looking for a versatile material that is warm and cheap, then you should go with fleece. On the other hand, if you are looking for a low-maintenance product that is comfortable and soft, then you should opt for sherpa. No matter which one you choose, you are not going to make a mistake and you are going to love cuddling in your blanket after a long day of work when all you need is a warm hug around your shoulders.