What Are the Advantages of Online Gambling?

There is no doubt about it, online casinos are a bonafide phenomenon. Tens of millions gamble online each day, adding up to hundreds of millions in revenue. But are online casinos really the better alternative? After all, land-based casinos are also still popular, and Vegas is still flooded with tourists. So is it better to head online to play casino games, or to jump into a car and head to the local casino?

The truth is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. But that’s a good thing, since you probably really appreciate the true freedom of choice available in this day and age. With that being said, let’s take a closer look now, examine the pros and cons, and see which the better option is for you.

Extraordinary Convenience

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There is just no getting around it; taking out your phone to play casino games is dramatically more convenient than having to drive to a casino. Online casinos are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will function on just about any mobile device. So, even if your phone is getting a little long in the tooth, you can still enjoy the latest casino games.

More to the point, online casinos are also reliable, extremely user friendly, and offer dramatically more games than a land-based establishment. The online world doesn’t have to worry about storage space, so it is completely possible for a single site to offer over 1,000 games.

Compare all of this to having to dress up, jump into a car, and drive to a land-based casino. You’ll also have to pay for parking and probably won’t have half as many games to choose from. Simply put, it can’t be denied that jumping online is the more convenient option.

Of course, there are some occasions when you may prefer to drive to a physical location, but that is a matter of preference.

Unmatched Generosity

Lest it is forgotten, online casinos are also enormously generous. The average gambling site will give you a reward simply for signing up. First deposit bonuses are even more generous, with some sites handing out sums of bonus cash that are almost beyond belief. Add to this loyalty club promotions, seasonal deals and more, and what you have is an online casino that gets the most out of every dollar.

At a land-based casino you’ll be hard pressed to find equal generosity. You may get a voucher of some kind, perhaps for a restaurant, but it is very unlikely there will be any sort of gambling promotions. There is no other way to say it. Land-based casinos just aren’t particularly known for their generosity.

With all of this being said, online casinos are unquestionably the better option, right? Not exactly.

Palpable Atmosphere

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While online casinos are better in a number of ways, there is something a land-based casino has that an online version simply doesn’t. Atmosphere.

Land-based casinos are specifically built to be impressive, and they are. With towering structures, themed decorations, and chattering crowds, there is nothing like the electric ambience of a land-based venue. There is, after all, something to be said for putting on your finest clothes and heading out to hit a few Roulette tables. A casino is the place to do exactly that, especially if you’re in the mood to get out and test your luck in public.

There is also the distinct benefit of being able to ask the croupier for advice. Yes, you are actually allowed to do that, contrary to popular belief. Croupiers are generally experts in the games they handle, and the vast majority are more than happy to help. Unsure whether to hit or stand in Blackjack? Ask the croupier.

Entertainment Variety

Plus, gambling isn’t the only form of entertainment at a casino. There are also live shows, restaurants, bands, comedians, and much more. As impressive as the rewards are at online casinos, these sites won’t be providing a stand-up comedian any time soon. At a land-based casino any number of shows could be happening, providing a whole range of entertainment possibilities.

The truth is that over the years many casinos have evolved to be entertainment hubs, going far beyond just gambling games. While most still associate land-based casinos with gambling, the games often aren’t even the primary focus these days. Yes, casino games are certainly still available, but you might instead prefer to check out a magician as long as you’re already dressed for the occasion.

There is a ton of entertainment going on at the average land-based casino, and all you have to do to be a part of it is head through the front doors.

So Which Is Better?

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So which is better, online or land-based casinos? Since there really is no telling what mood you’re currently in, there also isn’t a definite answer.

For those that are only perhaps interested in gambling games, and want the best rewards with maximum convenience, it’s probably better to head to leading sites like at ZAR Casino online. There is no land-based casino in the world that can compete with the sort of accessibility and generosity found online.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a night of varied entertainment, complete with magicians, live shows and even stand-up comedians, you’ll probably still prefer the local land-based casino. Given that land-based casinos have become expansive entertainment hubs, if you and your friends are looking for an evening of varied entertainment you can’t do much better.

Thankfully, given that we live in an age of freedom of choice you don’t really have to necessarily choose one over the other. Head online for gambling, and head to a land-based casino for a night out. Heck, you could go to a land-based casino for the live shows, then play slots on your phone while you eat a meal at the casino’s restaurant. What a time to be alive!