What Temperature Should Your Hair Straightener Be?

Hot tools such as hair straighteners and wands are widely used all over the world to get a stunning and gorgeous hair look without wasting any time. People are so much busy with their love, and they want to get an extra unique look by getting a good hairstyle. Girls are using hair straighteners to get a fabulous look, but they are unaware of the importance of temperature settings.

They do not know, which temperature is suitable for them and at which temperature setting they can get a good look without any hair damage.

In this article, we will get information about the temperature setting and temperature level for every type of hair tone. If you are unaware of the temperature setting of your hair iron then you have not to take worry because you are here at the right place.

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The hot tool, which you are using these days, also matters in your hairstyling because not every product can give you many heat settings. If you are finding such a product that offers you a lot of heat settings and which is best for your hair, then I suggest NuMeHair styling tools for you.

The temperature setting does matter in your hair styling. It is essential for you to know at which heat setting you can get your desired look according to your hair tone without any damage to your hair. It is always better to keep heat temperature levels into consideration during your hairstyling because heat levels further than your hair’s requirement can damage your hair and can cause any type of hair issues such as hair dryness and hair fall.

Temperature setting for your hair according to the hair tone

When you are thinking about the heat setting for your hair at which you can get your wanted look then your hair tone really matters in this thing. Here we will discuss the heat setting of your straightener according to your hair tone and texture.

Straightening fine hair

Fine hair means naturally healthy hair. Naturally, healthy hair demands a lot of protection and care when you want to straight. The temperature round about 180 degree Celsius is better for such type of hair. Does not use too high a heat level for your hair if you have fine hair? A temperature further than 180 degrees Celsius can cause hurt to your hair. So, always use the temperature level of 180 degrees Celsius for straightening your fine hair.

Straightening thick hair

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Thick hair is very difficult to handle due to its voluminous texture. They are not easy to grip and required a lot of heat for straightening. However, it is not better to give a lot of heat to your hair because it can hurt your hair badly. Keep your straightener at 200 degrees Celsius when your hair texture is thick but when you get your aimed look then reduce the heat level to 190 or 180 degrees Celsius to avoid your hair from being damaged.

Straightening thin hair

Thin hair texture demands extra care when you want to use a straightener. When you use hot tools on your thin hair at a very high rate of heat, then it can be dangerous for the health of your hair. Keep your straightener at 180 degrees Celsius for straightening your thin hair. Temperatures further than 180 degree Celsius can be dangerous for your hair if it has thin texture.

Straightening normal hair

Normal hair texture also required a little high level of heat because this textured hair has little volume. However, normal hair texture also demands extra protection. Keep your hair straightener at 190 degrees Celsius to straighten your hair if it has a normal texture. A temperature further than 190 degrees Celsius is not good for your hair.

Straightening colored hair

Colored hair is sensitive because they are chemically treated. Chemically treated hair already has damage due to chemicals and when you give extra heat levels to them for straightening, they get more damage. Avoid a high and rising heat level of your straightener when you want to straight your chemically treated hair. Keep your hair straightener heat setting at 180 to 190 degrees Celsius for such type of hair texture. This temperature level is enough for your hair if you have colored and chemically treated hair.

Straightening thick curly hair

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Curly hair has a huge volume due to which it required a lot of heat for straightening. However, it is dangerous for your hair to give them a lot of heat. Keep your hair straighter at 230-degreecellist but when you get your aimed look then reduced this temperature to 180 degrees ceils us to avoid any damage to your hair. Curly hair demands a high heat setting, but it is harmful for its health and can damage hair. So avoid heat level further than 230 and after getting your wanted hair look, reduce the temperature from a high setting to low.

Straightening coiled and wavy hair

Coiled hair is more difficult to handle because such type of hair is thick and has a volume. Coiled hair also demands much heat level for straightening. So, keep your hot tool at 230 degrees Celsius for getting straight hair if you have coiled hair. After getting your aimed look, reduce the temperature from 230 degrees Celsius to 190 degrees Celsius to avoid any harmful effect at your hair.

How heat setting has an affect at your hair?

Heat setting does matter. When you are thinking about using a hot tool, then keep considering that a high level of heat can hurt your hair badly. When you are using a hot tool then you have required to keep the heat setting into consideration and always set such a heat level, which is fit for your hair tone and cannot damage your hair. People think that heat setting is a useless thing but when you use heat more than required, it can put a bad effect on your hair.