Benefits of The Cpap Machine

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects over a billion people in the world. The problem arises due to the temporal closure airways while asleep. If you’re among those experiencing this, worry less as there is a remedy for sleep apnea disorder.

We live in a technological era where experts have built several machines to help us improve our health status. The CPAP machines are in place as an immediate remedy for sleep apnea. They help sleep apnea patients breathe evenly and avoid interruptions during the night. But then, do the CPAP machines work? How do they work? What are the benefits of these machines? Today, you will learn about the CPAP machines and the benefits they provide us.

How The CPAP Machines Work

The CPAP machine helps to maintain an open respiratory tract while you are asleep. The machine delivers constant pressurized air through the airways to prevent temporal closing. This way, the airway maintains open to enable a patient to breathe normally.

This is the mechanism for the working of the CPAP machine. Before we learn about the CPAP machine’s benefits, let’s have an idea of the components of the CPAP machine.

The parts of the CPAP machine

CPAP machines constitute three major parts. They include the flow generator, hose, and user interface. Let’s discuss each of them;

The flow generator

This is the heart of the machine. The generator provides airflow and makes adjustments to fit a patient’s requirements. Ensure you place the generator in a dry place to avoid short circuits from happening.

The hose

This is an integral part of this device, serving as a bridge between the CPAP machine parts. It connects the user interface to the flow generator. Proper care and maintenance of the hose should be a key consideration at large. Wash the hose at least once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria that will affect you. Besides this, you need to replace the hose once it’s torn or invisibly dirty.

User interface

Commonly referred to as the mask, the user interface is the most used part of the CPAP machine. The mask allows pressurized air into the airways. Wash the mask daily before remove all the dirt and dust that might have accumulated on the surface.

There are different varieties of CPAP machine masks in the market. Masks are of different materials and sizes at large. They are also designed to fit patients who need to set their machines at certain pressure levels. It’s upon a patient to choose a mask that fits well to reap big the CPAP machine’s benefits.

The types of CPAP machine masks

Nasal CPAP Mask

They cover the nose from the bridge to the upper area of the lip. The nasal CPAP mask is best for people who move a lot while asleep. It also works under high-pressure levels.

Nasal pillows

These are the lightweight and compact CPAP mask options you will find in the market. The nasal pillows allow minimal contact with the face. They are the best options for people who turn a lot while asleep and those with a lot of facial hair. The nasal pillows work best in moderate and low-pressure settings.

Full face CPAP mask

The full face CPAP masks cover a patient’s nose and mouth entirely. They are the best for higher pressure settings and for people who breathe through the mouth.

The Benefits of The CPAP Machines

The CPAP machines provide immense benefits, especially to sleep apnea patients. Herein are a few benefits of CPAP machine you should learn;

  1. Help to reduce heart-related diseases

Patients suffering from sleep apnea have high chances of developing heart-related diseases like heart attacks. The CPAP machines are an immediate remedy to sleep apnea disorder. By treating the disorder, you reduce the risks of developing heart-related complications.

  1. CPAPs stops snoring

This is a noisy sound commonly experienced by most sleep apnea patients. CPAP machines provide considerable relief to this problem at large. They ensure the airways are always open to prevent snoring from occurring. You might not have an idea that you snore; only people sleeping near you have an idea about it. The CPAP offers relief to this condition to create a quieter environment for sound sleep.

  1. Daytime alertness

Every person needs enough sleep to enjoy a better tomorrow. Daytime fatigue is a common sign of lack of enough rest at night. The CPAP machines help to eliminate nighttime interruptions and thus enabling you to enjoy sufficient sleep.

  1. Controls diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is linked to sleep apnea disorder. Continuous use of the CPAP remedy can help reduce insulin resistance in the body to bring about balance blood sugars, thereby controlling diabetes.

  1. Improves memory and cognitive functions 

Sleep apnea patients usually suffer from short term memory. CPAP machines help an individual enjoy sufficient sleep, improving short-term memory, and daytime cognitive function. You’ll be alert all through in making decisions, especially when operating machinery.

  1. Helps to improve intimacy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common thing for men, especially those over 40. From previously conducted studies, sleep apnea is closely linked with erectile dysfunction. Treating sleep apnea will greatly help men regain their sexual life.

  1. Lowers risk of stroke

Sleep apnea patients are prone to strokes at large. While there are no proofs of whether CPAP remedy prevents the first stroke, studies show that the likelihood of preventing the second stroke is high.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips of The CPAP Machines

Like any other equipment, you need to clean the CPAP to serve you for an extended period. Besides this, the hoses and masks need to be replaced as they show signs of wear at large. Let’s learn how to maintain our CPAPs correctly.

CPAP Machines Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning of the CPAP machine before usage should be a habit. Bacteria and other foreign materials correct on the mask every day. You need to wipe the mask and the CPAP machine’s external parts before you turn it on for use.

You also need to clean other components once every week to ensure it’s conducive. Besides, all worn out components and improperly functioning parts should be replaced. Replace the mask and filter at least three or four months. If you’re using a disposable filter, you should ensure to replace them when they turn dark.

The humidification chamber of the CPAP is the breeding ground for most bacteria. You always need to clean the chamber regularly. In case you are not sure whether it’s clean for use, consider getting a new one from the nearest store to use.

The CPAP masks also deteriorate with time. In case you notice leaks in the mask, it is right you consider replacing them immediately. Avoid adjusting them, get new nasal cushions, and replace the existing ones.

Most market CPAP models have an external filter. Change them regularly to prevent airborne particles from getting into the system. This way, you would have maintained it to serve you for an extended period.

The right time to use a CPAP machine

Most people have the idea that CPAP machines get used only at night, but this is wrong. There is no set time to use a CPAP machine should. You can use it even during the day when you feel like resting after a long day of work.

Besides this, you can also use your CPAP even when you are not asleep. You can use it while watching a movie or reading a novel. This way, you will adapt to the machine’s sensations and feel comfortable when you use it when you sleep.

Lastly, the CPAP machine isn’t there to be used forever. You can use it any time you need and leave them after you feel relieved from the sleep apnea disorder.

Buying a CPAP machine

Before you buy a CPAP machine, you must first visit a doctor to determine whether you deserve to use the machine or not. You will get through several tests to assess your breathing patterns. The results will help the doctor to administer you to the right CPAP machine. The doctor will also prescribe you the type of mask you will use considering the level of situation you are into.

Getting the best results from your machine remains the key to the kind of machine you rent or buy. While in the market to purchase the CPAP machine, you need to make an excellent selection. You will get the help of a professional to help you find a machine that fits your needs.


CPAP machines are must-have devices by sleep apnea patients who need to enjoy a sound sleep. You need to maintain the machine to keep them working effectively for an extended period. Use the recommended cleaning products to wipe bacteria on the machine before you use it. Besides, newbies might feel uncomfortable using the machine for the first time. You should use it more often to get used to it. The CPAP machine is a sleep apnea remedy worth trying.

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